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The extent of our web site is expanding so much, with so many different topics, we believe this shortcut index will be of use to our readers. It is now so extensive that we are dividing it into separate indexes for each main subject. We now have one that contains all our material on Russia and another for our tour to China. We will be moving most of the subjects below into similar index tables.
You can download these htm files and install it with your own browser. Then you can use them for direct access to the parts of the Xenophon web empire that you want to view. When we add further pages to the various sections, we will also put a new link here so you can easily update your file. Please let us know if this assists you. We have hundreds of visitors but frankly not as much email as we would like. We have the resources to add material about a wide variety of military historical topics and would be happy to hear from readers about their interests.

Alphabetical index.

Admati, Anat & Martin Hellwig - The Bankers' New Clothes - review
Administrative state - several articles from IMPRIMIS -excellent periodical published by Hillsdale College
Afghanistan - Entry article from the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Alexander the Great Article from the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Alexander the Great - section from a text book on military history at West Point
Alexander the Great - summary and comments on Arrian's Campaign of Alexander the Great
Alchian, Armen - Exchange & Production - review by John Sloan - comment coming soon
Alchian, Armen - Collected Works - review by John Sloan - comment coming soon
Allia, Battle of, Roman defeat by Celts that led to traumatic sack of Rome.
Allison, Graham - Destined for War
American Armor Museums beginning with the two museums at Ft Hood, Texas of the 1st Cavalry Division and formerly of 4th Infantry Division.
Museum Americans at War - This new museum will open in Woodbridge VA. We have many photos taken at its previous location at the 'tank farm' in Nokesville VA. during open houses from 2003 to 2019.
See them here - the photos of the 'tank farm' but I have many more to add. {short description of image}
Americans at war exhibit in 2003.
Americans at war exhibit in 2006.
Americans at war exhibit in 2008
Americans at war exhibit in 2009
Americans at war exhibit in 2013
Americans at war exhibit in 2014
Americans at war exhibit in 2016
losersAmericans at war exhibit in 2017
Americans at war exhibit in 2018
Americans at war exhibit in 2019
American History several tables with more being added
American elections - a Table showing each presidential election - winners - losers - votes, links, comments.
American subjects a growing index to topics in early American history with links to web resources
American Revolutionary War - extensive web pages, especially on French forces.
Ammunition - PDF version of article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Anderson, Fred - Crucible of War:The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766- review by John Sloan
Andrade, Tonio - The Gunpowder Age - China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World history - review by John Sloan
Army - HTM version of the article on this topic from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Army PDF version of the article on this topic from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Arsenal -Tseikhgaus magazine - a few translations of articles.
Artillery The article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Artillery - PDF version article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Atkinson, Charles Francis - Arms and Armor Article on medieval arms and armor
Austrian Army uniforms 1648 - 1765 - Watercolor paintings by Rudolf Donath in the Xenophon collection
Aviation - U. S. Army Aviation museum, Ft Rucker. USAF museum and Smithsonian Air and Space museum coming soon.
See Russian aviation at Monino (below)
Barron's articles

Bent's Fort by David Lavender
Black Sea Fleet - photos from 1993 and 1992 when we were guests of the Commander of Black Sea Fleet for Russian Navy Day celebration.
Blondal, Sigfus - The Varangians of Byzantium a summary and comments
Bobbitt, Philip - Shield of Achilles - review by John Sloan - Table of contents
Bobbitt, Philip - Terror and Consent - summary and comment on this important book by John Sloan
Boot, Max - Invisible Armies - review by John Sloan
Booth, Danielle DiMartino - FED UP - review by John Sloan
Bouvines, battle (1214) original essay, being revised now.
Bury, J. B. The Idea of Progress - review
Caesar, Julius - the Complete Works - Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, Spanish War - ed by Kurt Raaflaub- Landmark Edition.
Calomiris, Charles & Stephen Haber - Fragile by Design - review
Cannae, The Ghosts of Cannae by Robert L. O'Connell - review by John Sloan
Cannae - essay by John Sloan describing the battle
Cannae - Encyclopedia Britannica article on the battle
Cannae - annotated bibliography of some important books on the battle
Cavalry - Encyclopedia Britannica article on the history of cavalry from the 11th Edition
Castilon, battle in 100 Years War - original essay with maps and illustrations.
Charlemagne the article from the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Charlemagne - essay by John Sloan
Charles XI - King of Sweden - article from the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Charles XII - King of Sweden - article from the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Charles XIII - King of Sweden - article from the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Charles XIV - King of Sweden - article from the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Cheyney, Edward P. The Dawn of a New Era 1250 - 1453 - review by John Sloan

Chernigiv - major medieval Rus city and principality - photos, history soon here.
Chernow, Ron, Grant - review of this exceptional book soon
Claimants to the medieval French throne - genealogical diagrams.
Clark, Sir George - The Seventeenth Century - review
Coogan, Philip - Paper Promises - Review by John Sloan
Coughlin, Stephen Collins - Ignoring What Extremists say about jihad - essay
Cotterell, Arthur - Chariot - review
Cowpens, battle essay by Kenneth Haynes Jr.
Coyle, Diane - GDP - review by John Sloan
Crimea - our new location for information about Crimea to which we are moving files and adding new sections.
Crimea - our old main listing page that describes our many sections on Crimea.
Crimea - Encyclopedia Britannica article on history from the 11th Edition.
Crimean war Encyclopedia Britannica article from the 11th Edition
Crimean war - Alma battle illustrated guide with many photos taken on the battlefield during our visits
Crimean war - Alma Kinglake book - the chapter on the Alma battle.
Crimean war - Balaklava battle - narrative of battle
Crimean war - Balaklava battle - tour and illustrations on battlefield, from our visit
Batchisarai - Tatar capital in Crimea - text and photos from our visit.
Bospor kingdom in Crimea - article
Cave cities of Crimea, from our visit
Chembalo - medieval Genoese fortress at Balaklava, Crimea - text and photos from our visit.
Chersonesus - ancient Greek city site near Sevastopol, Crimea - text and photos from our visits.
Chersonesus - Encyclopedia Britannica article.
Chufut-Kale - ancient Byzantine fortress - later Tatar and Kariate center in Crimea - text, maps and photos from our visits.
Donizlav - ancient Greek city archeological site in Crimea - text and photos from our visit.
Eski Kerman - medieval cave city in Crimea - text and photos from our visit
Evpatoria - city in Crimea - photos of mosque, Kariate temple, and other locations from our visit.
Kaffa - ancient Greek Theodosia - medieval Genoese trading base - later - text and photos with more to be added. And also here is the encyclopedia article on Kerch.
Kaffa - Encyclopedia Britannica article on Theodosia from the 11th Edition
Kalimata - Feodorite (Mangup) principality fortress at Inkerman, Crimea - text and photos, from our visit
Kalos Liman - ancient Greek city archeological site in Crimea - text and photos, from our visit
Kara Tebe - ancient fortress archeological site in Crimea - text and photos from our visit
Kutluk - ancient Bosporian fortress on Crimean shore - archeological site - text and photos from our visit
Mangup Kale - mountain site of ancient Byzantine - Gothic - Alan city fortress of Doros - Feodoro in Crimea - archeological site - text, maps and photos from our visit- The most fascinating place in Crimea.
Crimean war - Inkerman battle - narrative of battle
Crimean war - Inkerman battle - description of location with illustrations on battlefield, from our visits
Crimean war - Panorama museum in Sevastopol to the Heroic Defense of the City, from our visit
- Siege of in 1428-29
Panorama museum - Heroic Defense of Sevastopol - text and illustrations from our visits.
Crimean war - Sevastopol siege in 1854-5, fortifications and description with illustrations, from our visit.
Crimean war - cemetery in Sevastopol - text of remarks by Pavel Lyashuk, curator and guide at the Panorama Museum
Crimean war - Saber - article by Pavel Lyashuk - text by curator and guide at the Panorama Museum
Crimean war - Sevastopol - Encyclopedia Britannica article from 11th Edition
Crimean war - Simpson paintings of scenes of the war by famous British artist, from original edition of the book in the Panorama Museum in Sevastopol.

Crusades - short original essay on the eight Crusades in Levant, (being revised) more coming on other crusades.
Crusades - an essay by John Sloan
Dalio, Ray - Populism: The Phenomenon
Dalio Ray - Big Debt Crises
Dalio, Ray -It's Time to Look More Carefully at "Monetary Policy 3 and MMT"
d'Este, Isabella - original essay on this Italian Renaissance princess and her family by John Sloan.
Desert War the study of Rommel's desert campaigns prepared by a team of German officers under direction of General Major Alfred Toppe for the U.S. Army after WWII. This is a very long file. And there are a supplement, index, bibliography, annexes, and battle study.
de Souza, Philip & Waldemar Heckel - The Greeks at War
Diamond, Jared - Guns, Germs and Steel - review
Diodorus SiculusThe Historical Library of Diodlrus the Sicilian in Fifteen Books This is volume 1 in modern translation
Diodorus Siculus The Historical Library of Diodorus the Sicilian in Forty Books This is actually Volume 2 containing books 15 -40
Dorn, James A. ed. - Monetary Alternatives
Dorn, Walter L. Competition for Empire 1740 - 1763 - review by John Sloan
Drews, Robert The End of the Bronze Age - review
Duncan, Richard - The New Depression - review by John Sloan

Ferguson, Niall - The Ascent of Money - comments
Ferguson, Niall - Civilization - comments
Ferguson, Niall - The Square and the Tower - summary and comment

Ficher, David Hackett - The Great Wave - review by John Sloan
Formigny battle in 100 Years War. Original essay with maps.
Fortifications - central listing of our various web sites on fortifications in Russia.
Fort Boreman, West Virginia - an interesting remains of a Civil War fort from our visit
Fort Steuben, Ohio - a reconstructed American frontier fort from 1787, from our visit
Fox, Justin - The Myth of the Rational Market: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street - Review
Frankel, S. Herbert - Two Philosophies of Money - review by John Sloan
Franklin, Joseph, Major General (Ret) - Building Leaders the West Point Way - review and summary of excellent book
Frankopan, Peter - The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - review
Freedom Museum - Community museum dedicated to American wars of 20th century, located in Manassas VA. Airport
French medieval history - original material and links to French sites.
French expeditionary force in U.S. Revolutionary war - original material.
French Revolutionary War - article from 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Friedrich, Carl H - The Age of the Baroque 1610 -1660 - review comments
Future War - General Skugarevski article
Gaddis, John Lewis - On Grand Strategy
Gave, Charles The Velocity of Money - John Sloan comments
Gave, Charles - Velocity in Asset Allocation - John Sloan comments
Gave, Charles - Clash of Empires - John Sloan comments
Gave, Louis-Vincent - New World will have China on top comments
Gershoy, Leo - From Despotism to Revolution 1763-1789 - review comments
Gettysburg - by Iain Cameron Martin - review by John Sloan
Gilder, George - Knowledge and Power
Gilder, George - The Scandal of Money
Gilder, George - Wealth and Poverty
Gilder, George - Life after Google
Gilmore, Myron - The World of Humanism 1453- 1517 - review
Gordon, John S. - An Empire of Wealth - review
Gordon, Robert J. The Rise and Fall of American Growth - review
Gorget and Sash - table of contents of 12 issues of this magazine published in the 1980's. We are adding each issue as soon as we can. We also have a few copies of several issues in print, available for purchase. Now, with Internet and with improved scanning of photography we add more illustrations and some links to articles such as Wikipedia entries.
Gorget and Sash Vol I - 1
Gorget and Sash Vol I - 2
Gorget and Sash Vol 1 - 3
Gorget and Sash Vol I - 4
Gorget and Sash Vol II - 1
Gorget and Sash Vol II - 2
Gorget and Sash Vol II - 3
Gorget and Sash Vol II - 4
Gorget and Sash Vol III - 1
Gorget and Sash Vol III - 2
Gorget and Sash Vol III - 3
Gorget and Sash Vol III - 4
Graham, Benjamin - The Intelligent Investor
Granada - Spanish reconquest - original material
Greece - link to our articles -We are expanding this section by adding on classical Greece, these include articles on wars
- a chronology of Greek Warfare 500 - 200 BC
- an alphabetical listing of leading commanders and significant places
- an alphabetical listing of battles and wars.
Gunpowder weapons - results of research on early gunpowder weapons
Hamburger, Philip - Is Administrative Law Unlawful? - review
Hammond, Jeremy R. - Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman - book review by John Sloan
Hannibal - Encyclopedia Britannica article on the general from the 11th edition
Hannibal - text of the chapter from the course booklet for the Course on History of Military Art and the U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, 1952
Hanson, Victor Davis - The Wars of the Ancient Greeks
Hay, David - Bubble 3: What Could go Right
Hay, David - Bubble 3: The Upside of Downside, Chapter 7
Hay, David - Bubble 3: What Price Prosperity? (Part I)
Hay, David - Bubble 3: What Price Prosperity" (Part II)
Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg - and new photos of 2005
Heuer, Richard J. Jr. - Psychology of Intelligence Analysis - book
Horatius Macaulay's great epic poem of ancient Rome. We will have Virginia and the Battle of Lake Remulus later.
Hneitir Our new department for miscellaneous medieval history items.
Hubbard, Douglas - The Failure of Risk Management
Hubbard, Glenn & Tim Kane - Balance - The Economics of Great Powers From Ancient Rome to Modern America
Hudson, Michael - ... and forgive them their debts- about debt and interest rates in Mesopotamia economy - review
Hudson, Michael - Finance as Warfare
Hudson, Michael - A Travesty of Financial History Which Bank Lobbyists Will Applaud
Hundred Years' War - many linked speciality pages
Infantry - Encyclopedia Britannica article on the history of infantry from the 11th Edition
Ingham, Geoffrey -The Nature of Money - review by John Sloan
Ingham, Geoffrey - Capitalism - review by John Sloan
Jalali, Ali Ahmad - A Military History of Afghanistan Review and summary of this terrific book - the only detailed military - political history of Afghanistan from medieval times to the present.
Janissaries - article by Arthur Leon Horniker from Gorget and Sash magazine.
Jeanne d'Arc - and related material
Japan - photos made during visit from Korea to Japan in 1957
Jones, Dan - The Plantagenets - review by John Sloan
Jones, Dan - The Wars of the Roses - review by John Sloan forthcoming

Kagan, Donald - On the Origins of War
Kagan, Donald - The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War
Kagan, Donald - The Archidamian War
Kagan, Donald - The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition
Kagan, Donald, The Fall of the Athenian Empire

Kalka River, Battle of - summary article
Kaminetz-Podilski - Ukrainian fortress city - text and photos, from our visit
Kaplan, Robert D. The Revenge of Geography - review by John Sloan
Katusa, Marin - The Colder War - review by John Sloan

Kaufman, Henry - Tectonic Shifts in Financial Markets - review by John Sloan
Keegan, John A History of Warfare - commentary on the book by John Sloan
Khazars - Encyclopedia Britannica article from the 11th Edition
Khotin fortress on Dniester River from our visit
Kiev - photography including several fortifications - from our visits.
Kiev history Text of a summary history of the city compiled by John Sloan.
Kievan princes - Genealogical chart and brief biographies created by John Sloan
Kiev - outdoor military museum, exhibits of armor, artillery and several aircraft, from our visit
Korea - a section of photos taken during my tour of duty in Korea in 1956-57.
Krugman, Paul, The Return of Depression Economics - review by John Sloan
Kuhn, Thomas S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

. Kwarteng, Kwasi, - War and Gold - review
Lafayette campaign to Yorktown description of this important battle - preliminary, with maps.
Landes, David - Wealth and Poverty of Nations - review
Landes, David, Joel Mokyr, William Baumol - The Invention of Enterprise - review
Lavender, David - Bent's Fort - review and summary with links - by John Sloan
Lewis, Nathan K.- GOLD: The Final Standard
Lawrence, Christopher, America's Modern Wars - Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam - review by John Sloan
Lev, Baruch & Feng Gu - The End of Accounting - review
Lukava, Col. G. Categories of the Art of Warfare - Article by Soviet military author
Machiavelli - original essays by John Sloan and encyclopedia article
Machiavelli list - listing of references about Machiavelli or his books
Maneuver warfare discussion
Mantoux, Paul - The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century - review
Marathon consolidated listing of site content
Marathon - Battle - reconstruction essay by John Sloan
Marathon - Battle, by Professor Billows - review of book by John Sloan
Marathon - Battle, annotated discussion of a list of references
Martin, Felix - Money, The Unauthorized Biography - review John Sloan
Mauldin, John - Seventh Inning Debt Stretch - review and commentary
McCloskey, Deirdre - Bourgeois role - summary of the main ideas for the three volumes with links
McCloskey, Deirdre - The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce - review
McCloskey, Deirdre - Bourgeois Dignity - Why Economics can't Explain the Modern World - review
McCloskey, Deirdre - Bourgeois Equality - How Ideas, not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World - review
Mears, Hugh A. Eugene of Savoy - lecture
Mechanical artillery - results of research on medieval mechanical artillery.
Medieval - link to our section with articles on Medieval era
Mehrling, Perry - The New Lombard Street - review
Mickelson, Roger - World War IV - published essay from Military Conflict Institute
Military history links is our old listing now in need of revision of links related to the full spectrum of military history.
Military Museums
Mises, Ludwig von - The Anti-Capitalist Mentality comments
Mises, Ludwig von - Human Action - comments
Mises, Ludwig von - Socialism - comments
Mises, Ludwig von - Theory and History
Mises, Ludwig von - The Theory of Money and Credit - comments
Mishkin, Frederic - The Economics of Money, Banking, &Financial Markets comments
Mitchell, Matthew & Peter Boettke - Applied mainline Economics - review by John Sloan
Modern Money Theory - books and articles by L.Randall Wray and others
Mokyr, Joel - Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy
Mommsen, Theodore - Chapters from History of Rome on the Second Punic war
Morgan, Theodore - Introduction to Economics
Morris, Ian - Why the West Rules - For now - review
Muller, Jerry, The Mind and the Market - review by John Sloan
Napoleon biography - article from 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Napoleon's campaigns - article from 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Napoleon's last army - web site describing a stunning new book published by Dana Lombardy
Napoleon Journal by Dana Lombardy - back issues of this excellent magazine
National Civil War Chaplains Museum at Liberty University in Lynchburg VA.
Nepos, Cornelius - The Book of Cornelius Nepos - Great Generals of Foreign Countries
Nussbaum, Frederick L - The Triumph of Science and Reason 1660 - 1685 - review by John Sloan
Orel - First issue of a Russian miliary history journal, no longer being published
Paret, Peter - Makers of Modern Strategy
Payne-Gallwey, Sir Ralph - The Turkish Bow Extract of a fascinating personal description of the author's investigation. There is an interesting article by Vernard Foley - "The Crossbow" - in the January 1985 issue of Scientific American.
Payne-Gallwey, Sir Ralph - Projectile Throwing Engines - dated now, essay with illustrations on catapult, ballista and trebuchet.
Peloponnesian War - original essay by John Sloan
Podany, Amanda - Ancient Mesopotamia: life in the Cradle of Civilization Review by John Sloan
Podany, Amanda Brotherhood of Kings Review by John Sloan
Poland - Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition entry on history of Poland
Polanyi, Karl - The Great Transformation - review
Politics and economics - listing of reviews in progress for books on politics and economics plus some essays
Priest, William and Steven D. Bleiberg - Winning at Active Management - review by John Sloan
Punic War - original essay by John Sloan
Punic War - chapters from Mommsen's History of Rome
- Raines, Edgar, Eyes of Artillery - History and analysis of the creation of aviation for U.S. Army Artillery during WWII. -Review by John Sloan
Raines, Edgar, The Rucksack War: U. S. Army Operational Logistics in Grenada, 1983 - Review by John Sloan
Recommended reading in economics and investments - a list compiled and being expanded by John Sloan
Reden, Sita von - Money in Classical Antiquity - Review by John Sloan
Renaissance - link to our articles on the European Renaissance period
Rickards, James - Currency Wars - review by John Sloan
Rickards, James - The Death of Money - review by John Sloan
Rickards, James - The Road to Ruin- review by John Sloan being prepared
Ritholz, Barry - Bail out Nation - review by John Sloan
Roberts, Penfield - The Quest for Security 1715 - 1740 - - review by John Sloan
Rome - link to our section on Classical era Rome
Rothbard, Murray - Anatomy of the State - review by John Sloan
Rothbard, Murray - A History of Money and Banking in the United States - review by John Sloan
Rothbard, Murray - What has Government Done to Our Money? - review by John Sloan
Rothbard, Murray - Economic Thought before Adam Smith - review by John Sloan
Rothbard, Murray - Conceived in Liberty Vol. V
Rothbard, Murray - Conceived in Liberty Vols. I IV
Sawyer, Ralph D. Ancient Chinese Warfare - review by John Sloan
Schwiezer, Peter - Extortion, How Politicians extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets
Scipio Africanus - original essay by John Sloan
Scott, James C. - Against the Grain - review by John Sloan
Selgin, George - Money Free and Unfree
Selgin, George - Three essays on Fractional Reserve Banking
Selgin, George - Floored! How a Misguided Fed Experiment Deepened and Prolonged the Great Recession

Skugarevski, General A. P. The Future War - trans by John Johnson
Sloan, John Velocity of Money - an essay discussing this theory and its results
Smick, David - The World is Curved - review by John Sloan
Spufford, Peter - Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe review
Stark, Rodney - The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success - summary review
Stark, Rodney - How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity - summary review by John Sloan
Steil, Benn - The Battle of Bretton Woods - review and comment by John Sloan
Stein, Aurel - main page - Index to the articles, books, maps, chronologies and reports on his explorations in Central Asia.
Stein, Aurel - Ancient Khotan text
Stein, Aurel, Ancient Khotan - photos
Stein, Aurel - Sand Buried Ruins of Khotan text
Stein, Aurel, Sand Buried Ruins of Khotan - photos
Stein, Aurel, Innermostasia, photos
Stein, Aurel - Innermostasia report -contents of
Stein, Aurel, Innermostasia Vol I
Stein, Aurel, Innermostasia Vol II
Stein, Aurel - Innermostasia - list of maps
Stein, Aurel - Ruins of Desert Cathay - table of contents
Stein, Aurel, Ruins of Desert Cathay - photos
Stein, Aurel - Serindia photos
Stein, Aurel - Serindia report - another version
Stein, Aurel - Serindia list of maps
Stein, Aurel - On Ancient Central Asian Tracks: Brief Narrative of Three Expeditions in Innermost Asia and North-western China
Stein, Aurel On Ancient Central Asian Tracks; - photos
Stevens, Scott - Games People Play: Game Theory in Life,. Business, and Beyond Review
Strategy - a list of references
Stuart. Edward - Capitalism vs. Socialism: Comparing Economic Systems - Review
Tamny, John - Who Needs the Fed? review by John Sloan
Tashjean, John - A Concept of War: Clausewitz Present and Future - significant essay
Tashjean, John The Transatlantic Clausewitz 1952 -1982 - an important essay evaluating recent (1952-1982) contributions about Clausewitz's theories
Thirty Years' War - article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Toler, Michael - "Mission Command in Operational Contracting" -Interesting and educational memoir by the officer who performed the logistics mission in Somalia and then 'wrote the book' on how to do it.
Trentmann, Frank - Empire of Things - summary and review
Tsouras, Peter - Disaster at Stalingrad - review by John Sloan
Tsouras, Peter - Scouting for Grant and Meade - review by John Sloan
Tsouras, Peter - Warlords of Ancient Mexico - review by John Sloan
Tsouras, Peter - Over the Top - review by John Sloan
Tullock, Gordon - Virginia Political Economy
Uniforms - illustrated article on history of military uniforms by Charles F. Atkinson in Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 edition.
Urbino - original essay by John Sloan about the three famous Montefeltro condotierre dukes
U.S. military museums, including:
Pre-Civil War fortress Museum at Ft.. Monroe -Story Virginia,
War of 1812 fortress Museum at Ft McHenry, In Baltimore MD.
Aviation Branch Museum at Ft Rucker,,
1st Cavalry Division Museum Cavalry Division at Ft Hood, Texas
Woman's Army museum, at Ft Lee, Virginia
Quartermaster museum , at Ft. Lee, VA.
Museums of 1st Cavalry and 4th Infantry DivisionsFt Hood,
Post Museum at Ft Lewis,
101st Airborne Museum at Fort Campbell,
Transportation Corps Museum at Ft Eustis,
Revolutionary and 7 years War Museum at Fort Frederick Maryland,
Ft. Leonard Wood - Engineer and Military Police Museums (coming)
U.S. Army frontier Museum at Stubenville, Ohio Ft Stuben.
82nd Airborne Division Museum at Ft Bragg,,
,JFKSpecial warfare Museum, at Ft Bragg
Airborne and Special Forces Museum at Fayetteville, North Carolina
Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen (old museum) Maryland
and West Point Museum (coming).
Set of plates of U. S. Army historical uniforms - Ogden set
U. S. Army World War II Board reports - Artillery and Armored subjects
U. S. ArmyList of Miscellaneous Records of the Adjutant General's Office Relating to World War II
U. S. Army LIST of the European Theater of Operations COMBAT INTERVIEWS - 1944-45
U. S. Army Tank Destroyers in Combat in Tunisia - 1944
U. S. Army Board Artillery Board Report - 59
U. S. Army Abbreviations for Artillery Terms-
U. S. Army Board after World War II Artillery Board Report - 60 - Tank Destroyers
U. S. Army Board Report after World War II Artillery Board Report - 61
U. S. Army Board Report after World War II Artillery Board Report - 67
U. S. Army General Board Report on Armored Division - 48
U. S. Army General Board Report 52 - Armored Special Equipment - 52
U. S. Army General Board Report 51 - Armored Group - 51
U. S. Army - Tank Board Report
U. S. Army World War II General Board Report 50 - Separate Tank Battalions - 50
U. S. Marine Corps National museum of the U. S. Marine Corps at Quantico VA. from our visits
Vietnam - photos made during my tour in Vietnam 1967-68
. War - 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica article on the history of war and on the Laws of War circa 1910.
Warry, John - Warfare in the Classical World
White, Lawrence - The Clash of Economic Ideas - review summary
Wilson, Andrew - Understanding Imperial China: Dynasties, Life, and Culture review
Woods, Thomas E. Jr. What Austrian Economics can Teach Historians - review
Wray, L. Randall - Modern Money Theory - review by John Sloan, with links to other references
Wray, L. Randall, ed. - Credit and State: Theories of Money - The Contributions of A. Mitchell Innes
Yorktown, Siege during American Revolutionary War -reenactment in 1983 - and another, smaller one in 2006
Xenophon - excellent essay by Professor Eve Browning in the International Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Xenophon - Greek historian, article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Xenophon - Professor Neal Wood's important essay on Xenophon's military-political theories.
Xenophon - short biography by Joshua J. Mack in the Ancient History Encyclopedia
Xenophon our library of military history - an annotated listing that we continue to expand
Xenophon library - link to our general library catalogs.
Zehan, Peter - The Accidental Superpower
Zeihan, Peter - The Absent Superpower
Zeihan, Peter - Disunited Nations
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