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The Xenophon Group International was organized to promote the study of military history. We began by publishing a magazine devoted to Early Modern Military History, Gorget & Sash of which copies are available. In 1991 we expanded our focus to facilitate meetings and exchanges between Americans, Ukrainians and Russians, especially but not exclusively military historians. We have organized a number of successful visits and conferences in Russia and Ukraine. This page serves as a central link to topical pages relating to these subjects. For convenience the material is divided into two categories, general Military History and Russian-Ukrainian History, but much of the latter is also about military affairs.

The content of our multiple web sites has expanded so much we provide here a new alphabetical listing all the various topics.


Please download this index file periodically to keep current with new changes. In the index are links to descriptions of some of our products including previously published articles and historical materials developed during these visits. There are many links to medieval fortresses and to Crimea.
We continue to revise and expand the text and photography of St. Petersburg for which we have a completely revised section including separate sections on Hermitage, Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo, Gatchina and Pavlovsk palaces. We also have text history and many photos of Moscow. We are preparing to add pictures and text describing many churches in Moscow. We have visited many cities along the Volga river as well as St Petersburg and Moscow. These are included in the Russian cities section. and many photographs are now at Volga and photographs from past cruises are at Volga cruise .
We have extensive text and over 180 photos of the huge Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal troops in St Petersburg and have now created an entirely new web site for this museum at Artillery Museum The museum staff prepared captions for the current photography and we now have photos of new exhibits to post.

We have a direct link to the fine Google search engine. Try it to search either this whole site or the entire world wide web.

Search WWW Search www.xenophongi.org

If you are considering travel to Ukraine, Russia or any of the other republics please contact our outstanding local travel agent, Larissa Riazantseva in Kyiv at UKRINTOUR. Or, if you want to cruise you can check out Windstar Cruise Lines, an agency that specializes in Windstar cruises.

We have now created an experimental discussion board and encourage everyone to post comments and questions. We hope this will encourage and expand discussion amongst our readers. Please try it at


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Check out Anatoly Pronin's web site. He has terrific artistic photography of Russia and other places. Anatoly recently supplied a striking photo of the Kopor'ye fortress you can now find in the section on that place. We have recently added more photos not only to Kopor'ye but also Ivangorod, Pechora monastery, Izborsk and Pskov fortresses. There is now a new section with photography of the Russian Central Army Museum in Moscow. See the index for links. Last year we added a fascinating collection of Old Believer Brass Icons. NEW also we now have the full text of the US Army's manual on the Red Army of WWII - TM30-430 on CDROM in PDF format.
Special: It is hereWe have copies of Tsekhgaus - Arsenal the excellent Russian military history magazine - click above to have a look at the cover and table of contents of issues 11,12,13,14,15,16. We have been buying and distributing this super publication since the first issue in 1991 but generally in insufficient copies to make translation worth while. But now we are assured multiple copies and Mark Conrad has translated issues 13 and 14. Please email us at Xenophon for details. Copies are limited in number so ask soon. By special arrangement with the publisher we have obtained a few copies of the marvelous issue of NAPOLEON journal published in Fall 2000 at $9.95. We are giving this away as a special promotion to all who order the set of issues of Tsekhgaus.
We have 5 spectacular aerial photos of Kam'yanetz-Podilski, the fortress city in Ukraine that we visited in 1997 and have featured for several years with many photos at Kam'yanetz. We have just expanded sections on Yaroslavl, Trinity monastery, Novgorod, Smolensk, Vyborg, and Rostov. After you visit our web site, you can call upon Ukrintour to get you to these cities. We just added a section on the Virginia armor museum - a private museum near Manassas Virginia. And we now have an article on the Thirty Years' War.

With much more historical material available than we have room for at this web site, we do appreciate recommendations and responses about what you find useful. Our web pages on French medieval history and on the American Revolution are at Xenophongroup.

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How about sending a greeting card with a Russian military theme to your friends? You can try our selection at CARDS.

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Above we have the front and rear views of a special military model of a Russian grenadier officer of the Lief-Kompanii of Kavalegard of the reign of Elizabeth made by Dave Kennedy, painted by Ron Wherman and in the Xenophon collection.
Special notice: Here is the stunning web site of the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg link. Among the many items on display are a gorgeous bakterets and other arms and armor. Another interesting web page is the index of Russian museums at museums. We will be adding direct links to some marvelous collections of photography by Russian photographers, so check the index.
Here is a link to Craig Martelle's web page featuring Russian books on military history he has imported. We have purchased many of these for our Xenophon collection and highly recommend them.

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