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Ron Chernow


Penguin Books, N.Y., 2018, 1074 pgs., index, notes,. bibliography, illustrations. maps


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Author's note




Part One: A Life of Struggle


Chapter One - Country Bumpkin


Chapter Two - The Darling Young Lieutenant


Chapter Three -Rough and Ready


Chapter Four -The Son of Temperance


Chapter Five -Payday


Part Two: A Life of War


Chapter Six - The Store Clerk


Chapter Seven - The Quiet Man


Chapter Eight - Twin Forts


Chapter Nine- Dynamo


Chapter Ten - A Glittering Life


Chapter Eleven - Exodus


Chapter Twelve - Man of Iron


Chapter Thirteen - Citadel


Chapter Fourteen -Deliverance


Chapter Fifteen - Above the Clouds


Chapter Sixteen -Idol of the Hour


Chapter Seventeen - Ulysses the Silent


Chapter Eighteen -Raging Storm


Chapter Nineteen - Heavens Hung in Black


Chapter Twenty -Caldron of Hell


Chapter Twenty-one-Chew & Choke


Chapter Twenty-two - Her Satanic Majesty


Chapter Twenty-three - Dirty Boots


Chapter Twenty-Four - A Singular, Indescribable Vessel


Part Three: A Life of Peace


Chapter Twenty-five - Soldierly Good Faith


Chapter Twenty-six - Swing Around the Circle


Chapter Twenty-seven - Volcanic Passion


Chapter Twenty-eight -Trading Places


Chapter Twenty-nine -Spoils of War


Chapter Thirty- We Are All Americans


Chapter Thirty-one- Sin Against Humanity


Chapter Thirty-two - The Darkest Blot


Chapter Thirty-three - A Dance of Blood


Chapter Thirty-four - Vindication


Chapter Thirty-five - A Butchery of Citizens


Chapter Thirty-six - The Bravest Battle


Chapter Thirty-seven -Let No Guilty Man Escape


Chapter Thirty-eight - Saddest of the Falls


Chapter Thirty-nine - Redeemers


Part Four: A Life of Reflection


Chapter Forty - The Wanderer


Chapter Forty-one - Master Spirit


Chapter Forty-two - A Miserable Dirty Reptile


Chapter Forty-three - Taps


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