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Paul Mantoux


Subtitle: An Outline of the Beginnings of the Modern Factory System in England, Harper Torchbooks, NYC, 1961, trans and reprint from 1928 edition, 528 pgs, index, bibliography, footnotes, maps and charts, paperback


Reviewer comment
Paul Mantoux was a great French historian living in Switzerland and a friend of Ludwig von Mises. The original French edition of the book was published around 1907 and the English translation in 1928. This revised edition was published in 1961 with an introduction by T. S. Ashton in which he describes the changes in historical understanding that has occurred thanks to more research in the past 60 years. But Asthton concludes that the book is still relevant and that it is a brilliant study that very largely correctly captures the reality of the Industrial Revolution in England.
The subject is at the center of the historical development that Dr. McCloskey studies in her three great books on the influence of the Bourgeoise in the modern world.
The chapter heads outline the subject content. The author describes the pre-revolutionary background and amount of equipment - machinery - being used outside factories. He disputes quite a few 'myths' about causes and effects of various things like coal, or specific 'machines' in the processing of wool and cotton into finished goods.




Part I Preparatory Changes
Chapter One - The Old Type of Industry and Its Evolution


Chapter Two - Commercial Expansion


Chapter Three - The Redistribution of the Land


Part II Inventions and Factories
Chapter One - The Beginnings of Machinery in the Textile Industry -


Chapter Two - The Factories


Chapter Three - Coal and Iron


Chapter Four - The Steam Engine


Part III The Immediate Consequences
Chapter One - The Factory System and Population


Chapter Two -=Industrial Capitalism -


Chapter Three - Industrial Revolution and Labour


Chapter Four - Intervention and Laissez- Faire


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