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James A. Dorn, ed.


Subtitle: Rethinking Government Fiat Money, CATO Institute, Wash. D.C., 2017, 303 pgs., index, references, notes, paperback


Reviewer comments: This is a compendium of 18 essays by various authors all on the general theme that the current policy and method for creating U.S. money supply is faullty. The authors present various ideas about what is wrong and what should be done to correct it.






Chapter 1- Introduction


Chapter 2 - Revisiting Three Intellectual Pillars of Monetary Policy


Chapter 3 - Understanding the Interventionist Impulse of the Modern Central Bank


Chapter 4 - The Fed's Fatal Conceit


Chapter 5 - Alternatives to the Fed?


Chapter 6 -From Constitutional to Fiat Money The U.S. Experience


Chapter 7 -Reductionist Reflections on the Monetary Constitution


Chapter 8 - The Implementation and Maintenance of a Monetary Constitution


Chapter 9 - Commitment, Rules, and Discretion


Chapter 10 - Real and Pseudo Monetary Policy


Chapter 11 -Legislating a Rule for Monetary Policy


Chapter 12 -Nominal GDP Targeting: A Simple Rule to Improve Fed Performance


Chapter 13 - Toward Forecast-Free Monetary Institutions


Chapter 14 - Gold and Silver as Constitutionl Alternative Currencies


Chapter 15 - Making the Transition to a New Gold Standard


Chapter 16 -Currency Competition versus Governmental Money Monopolies


Chapter 17 - The Market for Cryptocurrencies


Chapter 18 - Monetary Freedom and Monetary Stability


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