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Peter Spufford


Thames & Hudson, London, 2002, 432 pgs., index, bibliography, notes, maps, illustrations


Reviewer's Comments: The author devoted years to personal on site research in European towns as well as of course in archives and libraries. The result is a magnificent, highly illustrated, study of the many different aspects of commerce in the later middle ages. The content directly refutes much misunderstanding of the development of commerce and the role and status of merchants during this era.




Chapter 1 - The transformation of trade


Chapter 2 - Courts and consumers


Chapter 3 - From court to counting house


Chapter 4 - Helps and hindrances to trade


Chapter 5 - Trade in manufactured goods


Chapter 6 - Trade in foodstuffs, raw materials, and slaves


Chapter 7 - Imbalances in trade


Chapter 8 - Conclusion: the pattern of trade

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Willian Rosen - The Third Horseman - Climate Change and the Great Famine of the 14th Century

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