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Gordon Tullock


Subtitle: The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock, Vol 1, Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, 2004, index, appendices


Reviewer comments: This is not exactly what I expected when I ordered, but it is excellent. I was looking for a basic economics text and this is a very advanced economics study on a wide variety of topics, as the Table of Contents reveals. It is a compendium of Professor Tullock's writing but only the first of ten volumes of his prolific commentary and analysis. The many individual essays and speeches have been organized into sections on related subjects by Charles K. Rowley, who also provides an introduction. The other 9 volumes in the complete series are devoted to still more various topics. Professor Tullock is a libertarian, a believer in 'economic man' and utility theory.


Section 1 - Genesis - Four essays mostly about 'public choice' - a school of economic theory of which Dr. Tullock was one of the original creators


Section 2 - Problems of Majority Voting - Seven essays


Section 3 - The Demand - Revealing Process - Three essays


Section 4 - Rent Seeking - Seven essays - "Rent" is an economists 'term of art' meaning efforts to gain economic advantage through political means such as monopoly, tariffs, and similar means. The term originated as a derogotory one aimed at landlords who did nothing, but lived off of the rent they took from working tenants.


Section 5 - Redistributive Politics - Four essays, two of which are on inheritance taxes


Section 6 - Bureaucracy - Two essays


Section 7 - The Social Dilema - Four essays


Section 8 - The Problem of Social Cost - Seven essays


Section 9 - Law and Economics - Eight essays on trials, courts, juries


Section 10 - Bioeconomics - Four essays attempting to relate biology concepts- that is Darwinian evolution - to economic theory and methods


Section 11- In the Public Interest - Two essays relating again to 'public Interest' Theory


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