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Micha Jelisavcic
John Sloan

This is the 'cover page' for an expanding web site devoted to the history of fortifications in Russia and Ukraine. It features extensive illustrations. The following locations are currently on line.
Gorodetz fortress on the Volga
Ivangorod Ivan III's fortress opposite Narva
Izborsk Novgorodian fortress on Livonian frontier west of Pskov
Kam'yantes Medieval fortress fought over by Poles and Turks
Kazan Tatar capital captured by Ivan IV
Khotin Polish- Galician fortress fought over by them and Turks
Kopor'ye Novgorodian fortress near Gulf of Finland
Kostroma Fortress city on Volga with fortified Ipyatiev monastery
Moscow Kremlin is most famous fortress in Russia - also several fortress monasteries
Narva Danish - Swedish fortress on Navrona River
Nizhni Novgorod Fortress city at confluence of Volga and Oka
Novgorod Earliest fortified city in Russia
Pechora Fortified monastery west of Pskov
Periaslavl Zaleski Fortress town founded by Yuri Dolgoruki
Peter and Paul Fortress Built by Peter I to protect St Petersburg
Plyos - Small Volga river town made famous as haunt of landscape artists
Pskov Fortress city near Livonian border
Smolensk - massive walls of the medieval fortress - besieged several times
Beloozero monastery typical of the fortress monasteries in north Russia - web site being repaired
Trinity St Sergis monastery Fortress northwest of Moscow held against Polish siege
Tula - Kremlin built on the southern approaches to Moscow
Yaroslavl medieval outpost that became major trading center when route to White Sea was opened has fortress monastery.
Vladimir - coming soon - the Golden gate survives from the medieval fortification
Vyborg - Swedish castle and Mannerheim line forts
Ukraine For Chernigiv, Kiev, Kamintez and Khotin.
We have an extensive web site with several hundred photos of exhibits in the great Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal troops in St Petersburg.
Extensive material on ancient and medieval fortresses in Crimea as well as the Crimean (Great Eastern) War is on line at Crimea.
For material on Russian history organized by city please go to Ruscity.
For material on the uniforms and organization of the Imperial Russian army please go to Rusarmy.
For material on Russian history including rulers please go to Rushistory.
Material including illustrations on Russian rulersand on medieval Russian arms and armor is at Xenophon.

Please send comments and questions to Xenophon..