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George Gilder

Subtitle: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does, Regenery, NY. 2016, 202 pgs., index, notes


Reviewer: This is an extremely important book. George Gilder fills it with valuable insights and analysis. But his nomenclature is sometimes confusing, as when he equates money and currency in one place, money and the total supply that includes credit in another and money with prices in other places. He mostly ignores the political causes of the economic theories he so well destroys. For instance, Keynesians, monetarians, and Marxists all are denounced - such as Friedman, Keynes, Krugman, Gordon and Piketty. He allows that these self-appointed economists are mistaken and do not know what they are doing. But in my opinion they know exactly what they want. When one compares their claims to what is 'wrong' with economic conditions with what solutions they propose invariably the solutions are to expand and enhance big government control over the people. Naturally they also propose that the 'experts' such as themselves are the only ones to know what to do. But Gilder, himself, does not understand the concept of 'value' which leads him to believe there can be such a standard measurement because there is no such thing as 'intrinsic' value.




Chapter 1 - The Dream and the Dollar


Chapter 2 - Justice before Growth


Chapter 3 - Friedman and the Enigma of Money


Chapter 4 - The Chinese Challenge


Chapter 5 - The High Cost of Bad Money


Chapter 6 - Money in Information Theory


Chapter 7 - What Bitcoin Can Teach


Chapter 8 - Where "Hayeks' go Wrong


Chapter 9 - The Piketty-Turner Thesis


Chapter 10 - Hypertrophy of Finance


Chapter 11 - Main Street Pushed Aside


Chapter 12 - Wall Street Sells Its Soul


Chapter 13 - A Wrinkle in Time


Chapter 14 - Restoring Real Money


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