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Thomas S. Kuhn

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Univ. of Chicago Press, 4th edition, 2012, 217 pgs., index, footnotes, paperback - with introduction by Ian Hacking


Reviewer comment

This book itself, along with Dr. Kuhn's lectures, created a revolution in scientific circles. He used the term 'paradigm' to mean the established fundamental conceptions that are practically 'givens' at a particular time or era within the scientific community.Once established the concept becomes the basis for any further investigations upon which scientists stake their claims. Thus, it becomes difficult to replace it even in the face of increasing deviation of new knowledge from the standard 'paradigm'. He chose 4 fundamental beliefs that were fought over for years or centuries.




I - Introduction: A Role for History


II - The Route to Normal Science


III - The Nature of Normal Science


IV - Normal Science as Puzzle- solving


V - The Priority of Paradigms


VI - Anomaly and the Emergence of Scientific Discoveries


VII -Crisis and the Emergence of Scientific Theories


VIII - The Response to Crisis


IX - The Nature and Necessity of Scientific Revolutions


X - Revolutions as Changes of World View


XI - The Invisibility of Revolutions


XII - The Resolution of Revolutions


XIII - Progress through Revolutions


Postscript - 1969



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Michael Polanyi - Science Faith and Society

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