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Kwasi Kwartgeng


Sub-title: A 500-year history of Empires, Adventures, and Debt, Public Affairs, n. Y., 2014, 424 pgs., index, bibliography, notes, illustrations


Reviewer's comments: The author cuts off the history of debt before 1500 - He notes that the huge increase in gold and silver generated by the Spanish conquest of Mexico and Peru was a dramatic turing point in history. His objective is to examine and analyse the causes and results of the fianaical crisis of 2008. His selection of a starting date for this analysis is a good one. The firsr chapters are critical, the author provides a clear picture, but does not expand the latent points by sufficient analysis of what he is describing.




Chapter 1 - Sweat of the Sun


Chapter 2 - Rival Nations - England and France


Chapter 3 - Revolutions


Chapter 4 - Pillars of Order


Chapter 5 - Great Republic


Chapter 6 - London 1914


Chapter 7 - Guns and Shells


Chapter 8 - Victors and Vanquished


Chapter 9 - World Crisis


Chapter 10 - Bretton Woods


Chapter 11 - Pax Americana


Chapter 12 - Weary Titans


Chapter 13 - Japan Incorporated


Chapter 14 - Imperial Retreat


Chapter 15 - The Impact of Oil


Chapter 16 - Thatcher and Regan


Chapter 17 - The Creation of the Euro


Chapter 18 - The Rise of China


Chapter 19 - Delusions of Debt


Chapter 20 - Crises and 'Bailouts'


Epilogue and Conclusion


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