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Ludwig von Mises

Subtitle: A Treatise on Economics, Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1963, 907 pgs., index, footnotes


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Part One Human Action


Chapter I - Acting Man


Chapter II - The Epistemological Problems of the Sciences of Human Action


Chapter III - The Economics and Revolt Against Reason


Chapter IV - A First Analysis of the Category of Action


Chapter V - Time


Chapter VI - Uncertainty


Chapter VII - Action Within the World


Part Two - Action Within the Framework of Society


Chapter VIII - Human Society


Chapter IX - The Role of Ideas


Chapter X - Exchange Within Society


Part Three - Economic Calculations


Chapter XI - Valuation Without Calculation


Chapter XII - The Sphere of Economic Calculations


Chapter XIII - Monetary Calculation as a Tool of Action


Part Four - Catallactics or Economics of the Market Society


Chapter XIV - The Scope and Method of Catallactics


Chapter XV - The Market


Chapter XVI - Prices


Chapter XVII - Indirect Exchange


Chapter XVIII - Action in the Passing of Time


Chapter XIV Interest


Chapter XX - Inerest, Credit Expansion, and the Trade Cycle


Chapter XXI - Work and Wages


Chapter XXII - The Nonhuman Original Factors of Production


Chapter XXIII - The Data of the Market


Chapter XXIV - Harmony and Conflict of Interests


Part Five - Social Cooperation Without A Market


Chapter XXV - The Imaginary Construction of a Socialist Society


Chapter XXVI - The Imp;ossibility of Economic Calculations Under Socialism


Part Six - The Hampered Market Economy


Chapter XXVII - The Government and the Market


Chapter XXVIII - Interference by Taxation


Chapter XXIX - Restriction of Production


Chapter XXX - Inerference with the Structure of Prices


Chapter XXXI - Currency and Credit Manipulation


Chapter XXXII - Confiscation and Redictribution


Chapter XXXIII - Syndicalism and Corporativism


Chapter XXXIV - The Economics of War


Chapter XXXV - The Welfare Principle Versus the Market Principle


Chapter XXXVI - The Crisis of Interventionism


Part Seven - The Place of Economics in Society


Chapter XXXVII - The Nondescript Character of Economics


Chapter XXXVIII - The Place of Economics in Learning


Chapter XXXIX - Economics and the Essential Problems of Human Existence


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