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Tonio Andrade

Subtitle: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History: Princeton Univ Press, 2016, 432 pgs, index, bibliography, notes, Appendices, illustrations - review by Jeffrey Wassserstrom "Flying Rats and Festive Fireworks" in WSJ.




Part I: Chinese Beginnings: Chapter 1, The Crucible: The Song Warring States Period


Chapter 2 - Early Gunpowder Warfare


Chapter 3 - The Mongol Wars and the Evolution of the Gun


Chapter 4 - Great Martiality: The Gunpowder Emperor


Part II: Europe Gets the Gun Chapter 5 - The Medieval Gun


Chapter 6: Big Guns: Why Western Europe and Not China Developed Gunpowder Artillery


Chapter 7: The Development of the Classic Gun in Europe


Chapter 8: The Gunpowder Age in Europe


Chapter 9: Cannibals with Cannons: The Sino-Portuguse Clashes of 1521-1522


Part III: An Age of Parity: Chapter 10: The Frankish Cannon


Chapter 11: Drill, Discipline, and the Rise of the West


Chapter 12: The Musket in East Asia


Chapter 13: The Seventeenth Century: An Age of Parity?


Chapter 14: A European Naval Advantage


Chapter 15: The Renaissance Fortress: An Agent of European Expansion?


Part IV: The Great Military Divergence: Chapter 16: The Opium War and the Great Divergence


Chapter 17: A Modernizing Moment: Opium War Reforms


Chapter 18: China's Modernization and the End of the Gunpowder Age




Appendix I: Timeline


Appendix 2: Datasets


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