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Philip de Souza, Waldemar Heckel and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones


Subtitle: From Athens to Alexander, Osprey, U.K. 2004, 285 pgs., index, reading, excellent masps, chronology, illustrations, paperback


Reviewer Comments:
As the table of context indicates the book is about much more than the wars.


Part I: The Greek and Persian Wars 449 - 386 B.C.


Background to war - The comng of the Persians


Warring sides - Persia, Sparta and Athens


Outbreak - Dareios sends an expedition to Greece


The fighting - Xerxes' invasion of Geece


Portrait of a soldier - Aristoclemos the Spartan


The world around war - Persian Architecture


Portraits of civilians - Demokecles and Dernaratos


How the wars ended - The Greeks attack the Persian Empire


Part II: The Peloponnesian War 431 - 404 B.C.


Background to war - The Rise of Athens


Warring sides - Athens and Sparta


Outbreak - Fear and suspicion lead to war


The fighting - The first twenty years


Portrait of a soldier - A ship's captain at war


The world around war - Politics and culture


Portrait of a civilian - Hipparete, an Athenian citizen woman


How the war ended - The fall of Athens


Conclusion and consequences - The Triumpf of Sparta?


Part IIi: The Wars of Alexander the Great, 336 - 323 B.C.


Background to war - The decline of the city-states and the rise of Macedon


Warring sides - The Persians, the Macedonians and allied troops


Outbreak - Alexander's rise to power


The fighting - Alexander conquers an empire


Portrait of a soldier - Two generals and a satrap


The world around war - Rome, Carthage and India


Portrait of a civilian - A historian, athelets and courtesans


How the war ended - The death of Alexander


The Wars of the Sucessors (323 - 301 B.C.)


Conclusion and consequences






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