Gorget & Sash is devoted to the study of Early Modern Warfare (1500 - 1800). Each issue is 32 pages (8.5 x 11) and heavily illustrated with contemporary or original illustrations. The articles are thoroughly researched. This page contains the Table of Contents for the twelve issues and the Issue number is linked to the on-line issue. Only a few issues are now available in hard copy. But we can make Xerox copies of complete issues or individual articles. For further information on obtaining any of these please send email to Xenophon.

Volume I, Number 1

Swiss Phalanx, French Legion, and Spanish Tercio: Weapons, Tactics & Organization for Combat in the 16th Century, G & S Staff.
Les Drapeaux: French Infantry Colors During the 30 Years' War, Curt Johnson.
Meterhane: The Turkish Field Music, John Sloan.
Gulai Gorod: Building the Russian Mobile Field Fortification, Curt Johnson.
Evolution of the Russian Army: The 16th Century, John Sloan.
Painting Flags (Beginner's Notebook Number 1).
Questions & Answer, Book Reviews, and Figure Reviews.

Volume I, Number 2

Zorndorf: The Bloodiest Day, G& S Staff.
Evolution of the Russian Army, Part II: Transformation of the Muscovite Army, 1400-1600, John Sloan.
British Infantry Units at Blenheim, John Koontz.
Hessian Fusilier Regiment von Ditfurth, Tom Devoe.
Figure Reviews, Book Reviews, and Potpourri, G& S Staff.

Volume I, Number 3

Wallenstein's Army at Lutzen, Rich Sheridan
Catherine's Eagles, 1764-1780, Capt. D. G. Glover.
Evolution of the French Army, Curt Johnson.
Gorget and Sash, The Game, G&S Staff.
Questions & Answer, Letters, Figure Reviews, Book Reviews, G&S Staff.

Volume I, Number 4

The Gendarmes in Combat, Curt Johnson.
Luetzen: One of History's Greatest Indecisive Battles, Pat Condray.
The Austrian Imperial Army in the Age of Prince Eugene, Part I, George F. Nafziger.
Tallard's Army in Blindheim, Part I, John E. Koontz.
Cavalry in the Yorktown Campaign, Lt. Col. Joseph P. Frankowski.
Prince Eugene's Army, Part II: Cavalry, George Nafziger.
The 1st Virginia Regiment, John Victor.
Letters, Book and Figure Reviews, G&S Staff.

Volume II Number 1

Tactical use of Artillery with ECW Armies, Stephen Herndon
Tallard's Army at Blindheim Part II: Deployment, John Koontz
Cavalry in the Yorktown Campaign, LTCol Joseph Frankowski
Prince Eugene's Army Part II: Cavalry, George Nafziger
The 1st Virginia Regiment, John Victor
Letters, Book and Figure Reviews, G&S Staff

Volume II Number 2

The Black Horsemen - German Reiters, Walter J. Karcheski, Jr.
Turkish Sipahis, Hans-Dieter Oldhafer.
Russian Hussars of the Seven Years' War, John F. Sloan.
Jackson's Georgia State Legion, Ernie Stewart.
Flags and Standards of the French Religious-Civil Wars, Curt Johnson.
Scots in the Thirty Years' War, Dr. Werner von Droste
Camp Life in the 1st Virginia, Jenny Young.
Revolutionary War Camp Life, Sketches by Linda DeVoe.
Reviews and Letters.

Volume II Number 3

The Lithuanian and Samogitian Armies, 1017-1569, Joseph Walukonis.
Imperial Artillery and Engineers, 1697-1707, George Nafziger.
The Georgia Brigade in the American Revolution, David E. Stewart.
Gorget & Sash, The Game (Part II).
Reviews and Letters.

Volume II Number 4

Russian Infantry Uniforms and Colors at Zorndorf
Evolution of the French Army: Light Cavalry
The Jacobite Armies
Some Troops of the French Irish Brigade
Aux Drapeaux, More French Infantry colors of the Thirty Years' War
G& S File: The Handgun.
Reviews, Q& A, Errata & Carryover.

Volume III Number 1

The Race to Weitzel's Mill, 6 March 1781, Kenneth R. Hayes, Jr.
Scenarios for Hundred years' War Battles: Auberoche, David Bongard.
The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, Peter Harrington.
G& S File: The Leather Gun,
The Georgia Brigade in the American Revolution, Part II, David E. Stewart.
Reviews and Q& A.

Volume III Number 2

The Storm of Spring Hill Redoubt During the Siege of Savannah, 1779, Ernie Stewart.
G& S File: The Baton.
Jacobite Regimental Colors, Ernie Stewart.
History of the Butirski Regiment, ed. John Sloan
Reviews, Figures, and Books.

Volume III Number 3

The Corps of the Janizaries: (Part I), Arthur Leon Horniker
Passages from the Diary of Patrick Gordon: Part I, ed. John Sloan
Military Museums in South France and Switzerland, A. D. McJoynt.
Reviews and Q&A.

Volume III Number 4

Rochambeau, A. D. McJoynt.
G&S File: Military Orders.
The Strelzi, Richard L. Sanders.
The Cossack Military System, Steven Stinemetz.
The Janizaries (Part II), Arthur Leon Horniker. Go to top.