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Peter Zeihan

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Subtitle: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World, Harper Collins, N.Y. 2020, 453 pgs., index, graphs


Reviewer comment
This is the third in a series of books by Peter Zeihan that discuss the coming international chaos that will be the result of the U.S. witdrawal from it superpower role since WWII in protecting world-wide commerce




Chapter 1 - The Road So Far


Chapter 2 - How to Rule the World, Part I: The American Model


Chapter 3 -How to Rule the World, Part II: The British Model


Chapter 4 - How to Be a Successful Country China's Report Card


Chapter 5 - Japan: Late Bloomer, Japan's Report Card


Capter 6 - Russia: The Failed Superpower, Russia's Report Card


Chapter 7 - Germany: Superpower, Backfired, Germany's Report Card


Chapter 8 - France: Desperately Seeking Dominance, France's Report Card


Chapter 9 - Iran: The Ancient Superpower, Iran's Report Card


Chapter 10 - Saudi Arabia: The Anti-Power and the Destruction of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia's Report Card


Chapter 11 - Turkey: The Awakening Superpower, Turkey's Report Card


Chapter 12 - Brazil: Sunset Approaches, Brazil's Report Card


Chapter 13 - Argentina: The Politics of Self-Destruction, Argentina's Report Card


Chapter 14 - The Misshape of Things to Come: The Future of American Foreign Policy
Thread 1: Unwinding the Global War on Terror
Thread 2: The Order Hangover
Thread 3: Strategic Retrenchment
Thread 4: Profits Without Borders
Thread 5: Desperately Seeking Instability


Chapter 15: The United States: The Distant Superpower, The United States' Report Card


Chapter 16: Present at the Destruction: The Dawning of the Fourth Age




Peter Zeihan


Peter Zeihan


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