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Victor Davis Hanson


Cassell, London, 1999, index, reading, excellent maps and illustrations, glossary, statistics, chronology, paperback


Reviewer Comments:
This is an even more detailed description and analysis of the main wars of classical Greek from earleist times through Alexander the Great and his Hellenistic successors than are in his Western way of War.. He accepts John Keegan's theories about the 'western way' of conducting war being unique. Dr. Hanson describes the characteristics of Greek tactics and th composition of Greek - Macedonian armies in great detail in both books. Granted this was different from the composition and tactics of their opponents such as Persians and Scythians. But he does not consider ancient Chinese warfare which involved very much larger armies in hand to hand combat.






1 - Early Greek Fighting, 1400 - 750 B.C.


2 - The Rise of the City State and the Invention of Western Warfare: (750-490)


3 - The Great Wars: 490 - 362)


4 - The Second Military Revolution: (362-336)


5 - Alexander the Great and the Creation of Hellenistic Warfare: (335 - 146)


Conclusion: The Hellenic Legacy




Notable Greeks at war


Further Reading






Some references

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