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Ludwig von Mises


Skyhorse Publishing, NYC., 2013, 493 pgs, index, footnotes, paperback - first published in 1934


Reviewer comment-
This is an important counter to the Keynesian theories of the nature of money. But it is an example of the standard use of deductive reasoning by developing a pure theoretical construct on the basis of a central axiom. But then Keynesian propositions are also based on pure theory.




Part One - The Nature of Money


Chapter 1 - The Functions of Money


Chapter II - On the Measurement of Value


Chapter III - The Various Kinds of Money


Chapter IV - Money and the State


Chapter V - Money as an Economic Good


Chapter VI - The Enemies of Money


Part Two The Value of Money


Chapter I - The Concept of the Value of Money


Chapter II - The Determinants of the Objective Exchange-Value or Purchasing Power, of Money


Chapter III - The Problem of the Existence of Local Differences in the Objective Exchange-value of Money


Chapter IV - The Exchange-ratio Between Money of Different Kinds


Chapter V - The Problem of Measuring the Objective Exchange-value of Money and Variations in it


Chapter VI -The Social Consequences of Variations in the Objective Exchange-value of Money


Chapter VII - Monetary Policy


Chapter VIII - The Monetary Policy of Etaism


Part Three Money amd Bankimg


Chapter I - The Business of Banking


Chapter II - The Evolution of Fiduciary Media


Chapter III - Fiduciary Media and the Demand for Money


Chapter IV - The Redemption of Fiduciary Media


Chapter V - Money, Credit, and Interest


Chapter VI - Problems of Credit Policy


Part Four Monetary Reconstruction


Chapter I - The Principle of Sound Money


Chapter II - Contemporary Currency Systems


Chapter III The Return to Sound Money


Appendix A On the Clarification of Monetary Theories


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