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Martin Katusa


Sub-title: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America's Grasp - John Wiley & Sons, N. Y., 2015, 246 pgs., index, references,


The author brings together information published in a variety of sources over last 15 years plus his own research. The theme is that Vladimir Putin has a long-term strategy for manipulating the world energy sources, oil, natural gas and uranium to enhance Russia's strategic position. Mr Katusa describes Putin's actions in a step-by-step process to solidify his power in Russia, eliminate rival oligarchs, bring the energy industry back under government control (while letting it remain theoretically private) and use Russian energy position to strengthen foreign policy. But the more important subject is on the international level. It is Putin's long range strategy to supplant the United States.


Chapter 1 - The End of the Long Decade


Chapter 2 - Humbling the Oligarchs


Chapter 3 - The Great Game and the End of the Cold War


Chapter 4 - Slavic Warrior


Chapter 5 - Ukraine


Chapter 6 - Putin the Statesman


Chapter 7 - The Putinization of Oil


Chapter 8 - The Putinization of Gas


Chapter 9 - The Putinization of Uranium


Chapter 10 - The Middle East: Oil, Wars, and the Great Game


Chapter 11 - Twilight of the Petrodollar


Chapter 12 - Post-Petrodollar America


Afterward -


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