This is the finest military history magazine published in Russia. We met the editors and began importing it in quantity in 1992. However, after issue 2 we were unable to obtain more than one copy of each issue for several years. Now we have reestablished firm connections and have obtained a few copies of issue 11 and more copies of issue 12 and issue 13. We have enough copies of issue 13 to make translation worth while. We have ordered issue 14, issue 15 and issue 16 and they should arrive shortly. Recently we were able to obtain 6 copies of issue 1, a collectors item for sure. We have the translation done in 1992 and will send it to the lucky 6 individuals who order first. By special arrangement with the publisher we have copies of the NAPOLEON journal published in fall 2000. We are giving these away as a promotion to the first readers who order the six issues of Tsekhgaus. We also have copies of a new Russian magazine devoted to Napoleonic era and called Imperator. Please email requests to Xenophon.


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