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Robert Drews


Subtitle: Changes in Warfare and The Catastrophe CA. 1200 B.C. Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton, 1993, index, bibliogrfaphy, footnotes, illustrations


Reviewer comment: The author's thesis is that the widespread social collapse and physical destruction of many cities ca. 1200 was due to drastic changes in warfare related to the replacement of bronze weapons with iron weapons. In the initial chapters he discusses some of the standard scholarly explainations. In later chapters he discusses the role of chariots and other troop types and then the impact of the new iron weapons.


Part One: Introduction


Chapter 1 -The Catastrophy and Its Chronology


Chapter- 2 - The Catastrophy Surveyed


Chapter- 3- Earthquakes


Chapter- 4- Migrations


Chapter- 5 - Ironworking


Chapter- 6 - Drought


Chapter- 7 - Systems Collapse


Chapter- 8 -Raiders


Chapter - 9 - Preface to a Military Explaination of the Catastrophy


Chapter - 10 - The Chariot Warfare of the Late Bronze Age


Chapter - 11 - Footsoldiers in the Late Bronze Age


Chapter - 12 - Infantry and Horse Troops in the Early Iron Age


Chapter- -13 - Changes in Armor and Weapons i n the End of the Bronze Age


Chapter- -14 - The End of Chariot Warfare in the Catastrophy


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