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Douglas W. Hubbard


Subtitle: Why it's Broken and How to Fix It, John Wiley & Sons, NY.,2009, 281 pgs., index, notes, appendix


Reviewer comment -There is a review by James Freeman in WSJ and one by Peter Wallison in Barron's


Part One: An Introduction to the Crisis


Chapter 1 - Healthy Skepticism for Risk Management


Chapter 2 - Risk Management: A Very Short Introduction to Where We've Been and Where (We Think) We are


Chapter 3 - How Do We Know What Works?


Chapter 4 - The "Four Horsemen" of Risk Management: Some (Mostly) Sincere Attempts to Prevent an Apocalypse


Chapter 5 - An Ivory Tower of Babel: Fixing the Confusion about Risk


Chapter 6 - The Limits of Expert Knowledge: Why We Don't Know What We Think We Know about Uncertainty


Chapter 7 - Worse Than Useless: The Most Popular Risk Assessment Method and Why it Doesn't Work


Chapter 8 - Black Swans: Red herrings, and Invisible Dragons: Overcoming Conceptual Obstacles to Improved Risk Management


Chapter 9 - Where Even the Quants Go Wrong: Common and Fundamental Errors in Quantitative Models


Chapter 10 - The Language of Uncertain Systems: The First Step Toward Improved Risk Management


Chapter 11 - The Outward-Lookihng Modeler: Adding Emperical Science to Risk


Chapter12 - The Risk Community: Intra-and Extraorganizational Issues of Risk Management


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