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Below are essays and articles about Russian history; reports and photos from many tours in Russia; Part one of the Xenophon index contains all the other subjects including Ukraine, Greek, Roman, American, and European history and book reviews. The index is neer ending, since I have boxes of more material to add plus there is always new material being published.


Alexander, King of Poland -1461-1506 - He tried to assist the Livonians against Muscovy - Encycloedia Britannica entry


Andronikov Monastery in Moscow, text and photos from our visits.


Armorymuseum in the Moscow Kremlin, text and photos from our visits


Artillery Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal troops- St. Petersburg - text and many photos of exhibits from our visit in 2005. plus more photos from 4 previous visits Artillery photos


Azov CampaignsAn order of battle listing the polki and their commanders for Peter I two campaigns to capture Azov.


Azov NavyReview by John Sloan of Edward Philip's book on the Founding of the Russian Navy by Peter I.


Azov Tush Summary of Colonel Tush's article in which he demostrated that building of naval vessels on the Don and Volga predated Peter I.


Borodino Battle - photos from our visits to the battlefield and chronology of entire campaign of 1812 compiled by John Sloan.


Borodino Reenactment 1999 - views from the event in 1999.


Bortenovo battle, (22 Dec. 1317), photos of large painting in Tver Museum.


Bukhara - photos from visit in 1964.


Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo - and new photos of our visit in 2005 History of the palace.


Charles XI, King of Sweden -Encyclopedia Britannica entry


Charles XII, King of Sweden -Encyclopedia Britannica entry


Cheboksarai city photos - its history is in the Volga cruise directory.


N. Chernishevsky - Photos made on board the Vantage company chartered river cruise ship on which we cruised on the Volga to Kazan and back.


A. V. Chernov - Vooruzhenie Sili Russkogo Gosudarstva v XV-XVII Veke (The Armed Forces of the Russian State in the 15th - 17th Centuries), Moscow, 1954. Translation of extracts by John Sloan


Cossacks - article from Gorget and Sash magazine by Steven Steinmetz.


Crimea main- and Crimea2 - listing of information on Crimea from our visit


Crimea -encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition -by Prince Peter Alexandrovich Kropotkin


Crimea cities - list of cities visited


Crimean war - Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition - by Charles Francis Adams


Crimean war - Uniforms - Russian, French, British


Danilov Monastery in Moscow, text and photos from our visit.


Donskoi Monastery in Moscow, text and photos from our visit.


Estates near Moscow An excellent guide book


Filjushkin, Alexander -Ivan the Terrible: A military History - review by John Sloan


Georgia Military Highway - Photos of tour to Soviet Georgia from our visit in 1964.


Gordon - extract from a brief biography of General Patrick Gordon


Gorodetz - photos of town on Volga - text on city history is with Volga cruise directory from our visit.


Grand Princes of Kyiv - This is the Wikipedia entry depected in tables showing names, pictures and dates. See all so the charts and entries I have created for Kyivan rulers and Kyiv and the following dynasties rulling Russia from Vladimir and Moscow to include Nicholas II.


Great Northern War - Teplukhovski- by Telpukhovski, Col. B. S. - review by John Sloan.


Great Northern War - Phillips- The Founding of Russia's Navy - by Edward J. Phillips, Review by John Sloan


Great Northern War - Tushkin- article in Voyenno istoricheskii Zhurnal, #8, Aug 1970. by Col Tushin


Great Northern war - Oglolbin- article on battle at Kletsk by N. N. Oglolbin


Great Northern War - history - Brief history of the war by John Sloan


Vasilevski The siege and capture of Vyborg in 1710 - translation of extracts by John Sloan


Great Northern War bibliography - of references prepared by John Sloan


Gregori Potemkin


Hermitage museum and Winter Palace in St. Petersburg -photos from 1990's and new photos of made in 2005










Ivangorod fortress - text and photos, from our visit.


Izborsk fortress - text and photos, from our visits.


Isserson, G. "The Development of the Theory of Soviet Operational art in the 1930's"


Izmailovo Romanov estate in Moscow, from our visit.


Kalka River, Battle of - summary article.


Kazan cityMedieval Tatar capital on the middle Volga, text and photos from our visit.


Kazan siegesiege of by Ivan IV, summary article - John Sloan.


Kievan princes - Genealogical chart and brief biographies created by John Sloan.


Kievan Rus - this is the Wikipedia entry for the history of the Kievan era of medieval Rus.


Kinyeshma - photos of town on Volga with text from our visit.


Kizhi Island outdoor museum - photos from our visit in 2005.


The Battle of Kletzk against Swedish Forces. A Journal by S. P. Neplynyev, April 19, 1706 by N. N. Ogloblin


Kolomenskoye Romanov estate in Moscow, from our visit.


Kopor'ye fortress - text and photos from our visit.


Kosmodemyansk - photos of town on Volga with text from our visit.


Kostroma - photos of town on Volga - text with Volga cruise directory, from our visit. Lecture on Ipat'yev Monastery


Kubinka - Russian Museum of Armored forces - photos of selected exhibits of world's armor -we had a special entrance but were allowed in only the sheds with German and Russian items.


Kulikovo battle - Russian victory in 1380 - maps with text to be added soon.


Kulikovo bibliography of references to the battle


Kutuzov - Russian field marshal - text and illustrations about the special exhibition in the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg.


Lithuanian Army history by Joseph Walukonis


Lukava, Col. G. Categories of the Art of Warfare - Article by Soviet military author.


Makar'yevo - photos and text about this convent re-established on Volga, from our visit.


Mandrogi - new tourist stop on Svir River, photos from our visit.


Moscow - history of the city, kremlin and surrounding locations - compiled by John Sloan.


Moscow Kremlin in 2003 and in 2005.


Moscow Kremlin Armory museum - new photos from our visit in 2005.


Moscow photography many photos with extensive historical text. and new from visit in 2005.


Moscow estates - guide to estates near Moscow


Narva fortress now in Estonia - text and photos from our visit.


Naval museum in St. Petersburg in 2005 from our visit.


Nizhni-Novgorod - history of medieval fortress and modern industrial city with photos at Nizhni.


Novgorod - text and photos of the ancient city state from our visit.


Novodevichi convent fortress - text and photos from our visits.


Novo-Spaski Monastery in Moscow from our visits.


Orel - First issue of a Russian miliary history journal, no longer being published.


Pallada - Photos of our favorite Volga River cruise ship.


Panorama museum - Heroic Defense of Sevastopol - text and illustrations from our visits.


Pavlovsk Palace - Paul I Palace south of St. Petersburg. and new from tour in 2005.


Pechora Pskovskoye - monastery fortress - text and photos from our visits.


Periaslavl Zalesski city and monasteries - text and photography of the medieval fortress town from our visits. History


Peter and Paul fortress - text and photos from our visits. And new photography from 2005.


Peterhof palace in 1990's and 2003 from our visits.


Peterhof palace in 2005 from another visit.


Petrozavodsk in 2005 from our visit.


Plevna battle in Russo-Turkish war - text and maps.


Plyos - Quaint Volga river town from our visits.


Poltava battle by Peter Englund - review by John Sloan of the excellent book.


Pskov city fortress - text and photos from our visit.


Pyatagorsk photos with photos of Yalta in 1964 from our special visit.


Report on tour in 1991on visit to Moscow and other towns in December as the USSR collapsed.


Report about Kyivon visit to Kyiv, Ukraine in January 1992.


Report 1992aon our group tour of Russia and Ukraine in 1992.


Report 1997 on tour to Ukraine in July 1997.


Report 1998on tour to Russia along Volga in 1998.


Report by Jim Drummond on our tour along the Volga in 1998.


Report tour 05 - Tour in 2005 with Vantage company from Moscow to St. Petersburg via cruise ship - the full report with photos is on line and the photos are shown at the listing 'tour 05 below.


Romano-borisoglebsk - photos and text about this rarely visited town on the Volga River, during our special visit in 2003 and from shipboard during our tour in 2008 - Soviet name was Tutayev.


Romanov dynasty wax museum exhibition in Simbirsk with life-like figures of the Romanov rulers plus Ivan IV, Ivan III, and Boris Gudunov.


RostovVeliki - historical text and photos from our visit.


Ruso-Japanese war -11th Edition of Encyclopedia Vol. 23, pgs., 919-930


Adolf von Horsetzky - Ruso-Turkish War + Battles of Plevna


John Henry V. Crowe Russo-Turkish war - 11th Edition of Encyclopedia


Russian army - Muscovite army organization - an essay by Dr. Dianne Smith.


Russia military museums - This link is to a central table with links to military museums in Russia and Ukraine.


Russia - Military history manuscript


Russian cities - a lising of cities visited


Russian fortresses - a listing of fortified cities and separate fortresses visited


Russian army of Ivan IV. A essay by Dr. Dianne Smith, slightly different from the above. - and its organization.


Russian history - Dr. Alexander Filjushkin Ivan the Terrible: A military HistoryReview by John Sloan.


Russian history - Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze - The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon against KutuzovReview by John Sloan.


Russian history - Brian L. Davies - Warfare, State and Society on the Black Sea Steppe, 1500-1700Review by John Sloan .


Russian history - Carol Stevens - Russia's Wars of Emergence - 1460 - 1730 Review by John Sloan.


Russian History - Jacob Kipp - Peter the Great


Russian History - Sean McMeekin - Stalin's War


Russian History - Sean McMeekin - The Russian Revolution


Russian History - Jack Radey - The Defense of Moscow 1941


Russian campaigns and battles - listing of articles and graphics.


Russian army main page for section on Imperial uniforms.


Russian army of Peter I - Viskovatov Illustrations published in the 19th century.


Russian army - Chernov book - Organization of the Russian armed forces translation of sections by John Sloan.


Russian army - Epifanov history article On The Question of the Military Reforms of Peter the Great - translation by John Sloan.


Russian army of Alexander I - Viskovatov Illustrations.


Lithographs of the Hussar regiments of Alexander I.


Russian army of Nicholas I - Viskovatov illustrations.


Russian army of Nicholas II Illustrations of uniforms from Viskovatov and from various old books.


Russian army uniforms of 1840's.


Russian army uniforms of 1910, has all the illustrations of uniforms from the book by Col Shenk of 1910.


Russian Aviation museum at Monino near Moscow - photos from our several visits.


Russian Central Army Museum in Moscow - photos from our visits.


Russian cities - list of links to each city in our files


Russia World War II memorial museum in Moscow - photos from our visits.


Russian Art and Architecture by Mikhailo Jelisavcic, main page for a very extensive illustrated text.


Russian history main page with links to related topics.


Russian history Student report by John Sloan - outline for study of Russian military history


Russian -Essay on Russian military history by John Sloan with many links to subsequent and related files and illustrations.


Russian - Bibliography on Russian military history compiled by John Sloan.


Russian - essay on military history from 1400 to 1600 by John Sloan.


Russian history - chronology - 1604 to 1689 compiled by John Sloan.


Russian history - chronology from pre-history to 1800, being expanded compiled by John Sloan.


Russian history - Soviet analysis of the Russian Civil War The official Study of the Strategic Operations of the Red Army - after action report prepared by Bubnov, Tukhachevski and others plus report on war with Poland.


Russian lacquer boxes at Epoch times


Russian lacquer boxes - Mystora


Russian medievalarms and armor - text and illustrations compiled by John Sloan.


Russian Old Believer Icons - a fine collection of brass castings.


Russian Rulers and related princes - full genealogy compiled by John Sloan, text and illustrations, being expanded.
We are adding new tables showing the princes according to their generation from Rurik.
There are at least 22 generations to be listed and we are currently working on generation 10. Please go to this link. {short description of image}


Russian wars with neighbors - graphs of warfare by years from 1450 to 1800, being expanded back to 900AD.


Russo-Japanese Warentry from 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica


Russo-Turkish war entry from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica


Russo- Turkish War summary by Adolf von Horsetzky


Samarkand- photos from our visit in 1964


Samara - Volga town to which Stalin moved temporary government offices during WWII - photos from our visit.


Savva StorozhevoyeMonastery at Zvenigorod, photos from our visit.


Scythian cemetery near Alma River in Crimea - photos from our visit.


Scythian people - article from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.


Scythian people -article


Vasili Shuiski - brief bio


Simbirsk - text and photos from our visit to Volga town renamed back from Ulyanov.


Skugarevski, A. P. "The Future War, Views of a Russian General" The London Times Russian Section, July 29, 1916 - reprinted by the Journal of the Military Service Institute in 1916.


Smolensk - history text and photographs of the medieval fortress city from our visits


Soviet Military authors - short identifications of major writers


St. Petersburg - photos and history from our visits


St. Petersburg - more photos from 2005


Streltzi - article from Gorget and Sash magazine by Richard Sanders


Sudak - medieval Genoese fortress on site of earlier Alan - Khazar city Sugdai - Surozh - extensive text and photos from our visit.


Suvorov Alexander- Russian field marshal - photo, several maps, short biography with more text to be added.


Philip Longworth- Suvorov's Art of Victory


Suvorov Alexander- Encyclopedia Britanica entry


Alexander Suvorov - text of his famous booklet - Nauka Pobezhdat - Science of Victory


Suvorov museum in St. Petersburg - a few photos from our visit


Suzdal - text and photos of the medieval town from our visits


Svechin, Aleksandr Andreyevich. "The War Game", translated by John Johnson, from the original 1923, which was also in Voyennaya Mysl', No 10, October 1988, pp. 54-57 as a reprint from the same journal Voyennaya Mysl; i Revolyutsiya in 1923.


Time line - a draft beginning of a time comparison of the Reigns of Russian and British sovereigns


TM-30-430 - table of contents for U.S. Army manual on Soviet Army in 1945, available on microfiche and now on CDROM in PDF format.


US TM 30-30-1 Handbook on Soviet Army and Front organizations circa 1945.


Tour 1964 - some photos made during our tour in 1964 through Russia, Georgia and Uzbekistan


Tour 2005 - cruise on Russian rivers and lakes in 2005


Trinity St. Sergius fortress monastery - text and photos from our visits


Tula - text and photos of this southern frontier fortress city for defense of Moscow from Tatars, from our visit.


Tver - medieval rival of Moscow on Volga River northwest of Moscow - photos from visits


Uglich, text and photos of this medieval town on the Volga, from our visit


Uglich photos from 2005 visit


Ukraine - new central listing of Ukrainian cities and fortresses.


Vasil'ev, M. Osada i vzhatie Vborg 1710- Siege and Seizure of Vyborg in 1710. - translation by John Sloan


Vladimir - text and photos of this fortress city founded in 1108 - later capital of Grand Prince


Volga River is the page listing views of towns and places along the river.


Volga river cruise is a lengthy description of all the villages and cities along the Volga to Samara from our cruises in 1998, 2003 and 2005


Volga River views - photography of cruises down the Volga to Saratov in 1998 and 2003, and tours by bus in 1992 -1993.


Volga views of cruise along the Volga to Rybinsk and then through the northern lakes to St. Petersburg in 2005


Voroshilov - Soviet General Staff Academy - Index to materials we have edited and provided to US Army - there is more we hope to add


Vyborg - remains of Swedish castle - also views of Mannerheim line from our visits


Yaroslavl 2005 - photos of Volga river city during our tour in 2005. Yaroslavl history from Wikipedia entry.


Yaroslavl - text and photos of Volga river city from our visits between 1993 and 1998 - historical description with Volga cruise.


Yalta - a few photos from 1964 visit


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