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Charles & Louis-Vincent Gave

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Subtitle Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World, Gavekal Books, 2019, 43 pgs., tables, diagrams, paperback


Reviewer Comment: This a critical, timely study that integrates analysis of money created by central bank operations, expanding debt by U.S., and other nations, with excellent discussion of the developing Struggle between China and the United States in all aspects of economics, culture, and politics. The chapters on monetary policy, on China, of government spending and debt in particular are focused on the same critical issues that are discussed on many other books, some of which will be listed below with links/


Introduction -


Chapter 1 - Defining money


Chapter 2 - Living in a US dollar world


Chapter 3 - Runaway US government spending


Chapter 4 - Different trading partners and evolving US policies


Chapter 5 - Can the renminbi be Apple to the US dollar's Microsoft?


Chapter 6 - The abdication of King Dollar


Chapter 7 - The rise and stall of the European Empire


Chapter 8 - An anti-=euro rant (can't be helped!)


Chapter 9 - The Real challenge of the target balances


Chapter 10 - China' dream of empire


Chapter 11 - Guerilla warfare and the three-front war


Chapter 12 - Agincourt redux - or the daners of a tech battle


Chapter 13 - Sea-based empire versus land-based empire


Chapter 14 - Exporting the reniminbi


Chapter 15 - Rentiers versus entrepreneurs


Chapter 16 - The growth of the renimbi and emerging markets


Chapter 17 - A new Asian financial landscape


Chapter 18 - The evolution of monetary policy


Chapter 19 - Conclusion

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Louis Gave - "New World Order Will Have China on Top" - this is an interview by Leslie Norton and Mr. Gave's comments do not give China such assurance.










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