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John Steele Gordon

Subtitle: The Epic History of American Economic Power, Harper, N.Y., 2004, 460 pgs, index, bibliography, notes, paperback


Reviewer comment: This book should be read along with Christopher Whalen's Inflated - both describe the financial basis for the expansion of American economic development and power. And also read Felix Martin's Money, a more general analysis of American finance. Also read Charles Calomiris' Fragile by Design - a history of banking.


Introduction - The Pursuit of Happiness


Part I - A Vast and Roaring Wilderness


Chapter 1 - The Land, the People, and the Law


Chapter 2 - In the Name of God and Profit


Chapter 3 - The Atlantic Empire


Part II - A Country That Could make Itself As it Pleased


Transition: The American Revolution


Chapter 4 - The Hamiltonian Creation


Chapter 5 - A Terrible Synergy


Chapter 6 - Labor Improbus Omnia Vincit


Chapter 7 - The Jeffersonian Destruction


Chapter 8 - New Jersey Must Be Free!


Chapter 9 - Chaining the Lightning of Heaven


Chapter 10 - Whales, Wood, Ice, and Gold


Part III - The Emerging Colossus


Transition- The Civil War


Chapter 11 - Capitalism Red in Tooth and Claw


Chapter 12 - Doing Business with Glass Pockets


Chapter 13 - Was There Ever Such a Business!


Chapter 14 - A Cross of Gold


Part IV - The American Century Begins


Transition: The First World War


Chapter 15 - Getting Prices Down to the Buying Power


Chapter 16 - Fear Itself


Chapter 17 - Converting Retreat into Advance


Part V - A New Economic Revolution


Transition: The Second World War


Chapter 18 - The Great Postwar Boom


Chapter 19 - The Crisis of the New Deal Order


Chapter 20 - A New Economy, a New World, a New Year


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