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Frank Trentmann

Subtitle: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the 15th Century to the 21st, Harper Collins, NY., 2016, 799 pgs., notes, figures, illustrations, paperback


Reviewer Comment - This is an excellent companion to the three volumes of Dr. McCloskey's books on the role of the bourgeois in creating modern times and the several books such as Felix Martin's on the history of money. The author focuses on the real assets ()from spones to Ipads ) created and acquired by people - where the money they used as a medium of exchange went as it created indiividual wealth.




Part I


Chapter 1 - Three Cultures of Consumption


Chapter 2 - The Enlightenment of Consumption


Chapter 3 - Imperium of Things


Chapter 4 - Cities


Chapter 5 - The Consumer Revolution Comes Home


Chapter 6 - Age of Ideologies


Chapter 7 - Inside Affluence


Chapter 8 - Asia Consumes


Part II


Chapter 9 By Now, Pay Later


Chapter 10 - Not So Fast


Chapter 11 - From the Cradle to the Grave


Chapter 12 - Outside the Marketplace


Chapter 13 - Home and Away


Chapter 14 - Matters of the Spirit


Chapter 15 - Throwaway Society?


Additional references

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Myron P. Gilmore - The World of Humanism - 1453-1517

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Paul Mantoux - The Industrial Revolution in theEighteenth Century: An Outlineofthe Beginnings of the Nodern Factory System in England

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Deirdre Nansen McCloskey - Bourgeois Dignity - Bourgeois Virtues - Bourgeois Equality


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