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James Rickards


Subtitle: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System - Portfolio-Penguin, NYC., 2014, 356 pgs., index, selected sources, end notes


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Introduction - Rickards starts right out with his subject. "The Death of Money is about the demise of the dollar, not of money. By extension, it is also about the potential collapse of the international monetary system because, if confidence in the dollar is lost, no other currency stands ready to take its place as the world's reserve currency." The remaining section is a brief summary of the international monetary system based on the dollar since the late 1970's, plus a mention of the 3 previous collapses of the monetary system in 1914, 1939, and 1971. he devotes sections to Financial War - Inflation - Deflation - Market Collapse - and A Deluge of Dangers. His conclusion is: "The system has spun out of control, the altered state of the economic world, with new players, shifting allegiances, political ineptitude, and technological change has left investors confused."


Chapter 1 - Prophesy


Chapter 2 - The War God's Face


Chapter 3 - The Ruin of Markets


Chapter 4 - China's New Financial Warlords


Chapter 5 - The New German Reich


Chapter 6 - BELLs, BRICS, and Beyond


Chapter 7 - Debt, Deficits, and the Dollar


Chapter 8 - Central Bank of the World


Chapter 9 - Gold redux


Chapter 10 - Crossroads


Chapter 11 - Maelstrom






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