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George Gilder


Subtitle: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, Regnery Gateway, 2018, 320 pgs., index, endnotes, bibiography


Reviewer comments: {short description of image}George Gilder - Knowledge and Power - Subtitle: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World

This is another in the author's extensive output of provacative commentaries on current economic concepts and their results in practice. He then describes his alternative concepts based on the fundamental importance of knowledge - the expansion of knowledge that is essential for economic and social development. In this book he focuses on the rapidly approaching limitations of current knowledge expansion based on ever increasing massive data storage systems that require more and more expensive physical facilities and faster and faster data transfer systems. He believes that the new 'blockchain' technology (software and hardware) will enable future exponential expansion of knowledge necessary for economic and social development. His explainations of all this are filled with rather obscure references and his own terms such as 'cryptocosm'. All this is interesting and beyond this reader. He does provide a helpful glossary of these terms. But then in the final chapters he launches into a discussion of 'money', gold, and 'value'. In this he is mistaken in his history of money and gold. But fundamentally he is mistaken in his understanding (actually not expressed directly) of the concept of 'value'. He further is mistaken in his discussion (definition) of gold in the glossary.


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Prologue - Back to the Future - The Ride


Chapter 1 - Don't Steal This Book


Chapter 2 - Google's System of the World


Chapter 3 -Google's Roots and Religions


Chapter 4 - End of the Free World


Chapter 5 - Ten laws of the Cryptocosm


Chapter 6 - Google's Datacenter Coup


Chapter 7 - Dally's Parallel Paradigm


Chapter 8 - Markov and Midas


Chapter 9 - Life 3.0


Chapter 10 - 1517


Chapter 11 - The Heist


Chapter 12 - Finding Satoshi


Chapter 13 -Battle of the Blockchains


Chapter 14 -Blockstack


Chapter 15 - Taking Back the Net


Chapter 16 -Brave Return of Brendan Eich


Chapter 17 -Yuanfen


Chapter 18 - The Rise of Sky Computing


Chapter 19 - A Global Insurrection


Chapter 20 - Neutering the Network


Chapter 21 -The Empire Strikes Back


Chapter 22 - The Bitcoin Flaw


Chapter 23 - The New System of the World




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