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Sir Aurel Stein KCIE
Macmillan and Co
St. Martin's Street, London, 1912

  This is the Personal narrative of Stein's second exploration in Chinese Turkestan - 1906-1908 and describes the same expedition as he does in the official report, Serindia. Thus, while the events are the same the writing style is more popular and Stein dispenses with the elaborate detailed descriptions of each and every artifact he found. But he does include much more description of events and personalities and his comments about the expedition. It does not have the 94 excellent maps, but several others. The printing reproduction resulted in many of the photographs being of much higher quality. I recommend reading both accounts. This is the table of contents for the readers' convenience. To read summaries of the individual chapters please go to cathaychapters.  
  Volume I  
  Chapter I - between Hydaspes and Indus  
  Chapter II - Through Swat and Dir  
  Chapter III - Across the Lowarai  
  Chaper IV - In Chitral  
  Chapter V - Through Mastuj  
  Chaper VI - On the Darkot Pass  
  Chapter VII - In Afghan Wakhan  
  Chapter VIII - The Source of the Oxus  
  Chapter IX - From Sarikol to Kashgar  
  Chapter X - At Chini-bagh, Kashgar  
  Chapter XI - To Yarkand and Karghalik  
  Chapter XII - Stay at Kok-yar  
  Chapter XIII - Along the Foot of the Kun-lun  
  Chaper XIV - My return to Kotan  
  Chapter XV - To the Nissa Glaciers  
  Chapter XVI - On the Otrughul Glacier  
  Chapter XVII - In the Karanghu-tagh Mounains  
  Chaper XVIII - A Feast at Khotan  
  Chapter XIX - By the Desert Edge of Khotan  
  Chapter XX - The Shrines of Khadalik  
  Chapter XXI - Sites Around Domoko  
  Chapter XXII - To Keriya and the Niya River  
  Chapter XXIII - At the Niya Site Ruins  
  Chapter XXIV - Records From a Hidden Archive  
  Chaper XXV - Last Days at a Dead oasis  
  Chapter XXVI - To the Endere River  
  Chapter XXVII - From the Endere Ruins to Charchan  
  Chapter XXVIII - Along the Charchan River  
  Chapter XXIX - To Vash-shahri and Charklik  
  Chapter XXX - Start for the Lop Desert  
  Chapter XXXI - Across an Eroded Dry Delta  
  Chapter XXXII - First Excavations at the Lop-nor Site  
  Chapter XXXIII - Survey of the Ancient Station  
  Chapter XXXIV - Records cfrom an Ancient Rubbish Heap  
  Chapter XXXV - Discovery of Art Remains  
  Chapter XXXVI - Across the Desert to the Tarim  
  Chapter XXXVII - By the Tarim and Charchan Darya  
  Chapter XXXVIII - The Ruined Fort of Miran  
  Chapter XXXIX - Finds of Tibetan Records  
  Chapter XL - Ancient Temples of Miran  
  Chapter XLI - A Dado of Angles  
  Chapter XLII - The Frescoes of Miran  
  Chapter XLIII - A cycle of Festive Figures  
  Chapter XLIV - Mural Paintings of Buddhist Legends  
  Chapter XLV - The Start to Tun-huang  
  Chapter XLVI - On Old Traveler's Tracks  
  Chapter XLVII - The Last of the Dry Lop-Nor  
  Chapter XLVIII - A Strange Old Lake Bed  
  Chapter XLIX - First Glimpse of an Ancient Frontier  
  Volume II  
  Chapter L - Ruins in Route to Tun-huang  
  Chapter LI - First Halt at Tun-huang  
  Chapter LII - To the "Caves of the Thousand Buddhas"  
  Chapter LIII - A Difficult Start from Tun-huang  
  Chapter LIV - By the Ancient Wall North of Tun-huang  
  Chapter LV - Discovery of Han Records  
  Chapter LVI - To the Nan-hu Oasis  
  Chapter LVII - Ancient Remains for the Future  
  Chapter LVIII - First Excavations Along the Western Limes  
  Chapter LIX - Reconnaissances Along the Ancient Wall  
  Chapter LX - Discoveries by the 'Jade Gate'  
  Chapter LXI - The Great Magazine of the Limes  
  Chapter LXII - On the Western Flank of the Limes  
  Chapter LXIII - Records from an Ancient Watch Tower  
  Chapter LXIV - Return to the 'Thousand Buddhas'  
  Chapter LXV - First Operning of the Hidden Chapel  
  Chapter LXVI - A Walled-up Library and its Treasures  
  Chapter LXVII - Buddhist Pictures From the Hidden Chapel  
  Chapter LXVIII - Large Paintings and Other Art Relics  
  Chapter LXIX - A Polyglot Temple Library  
  Chapter LXX - Decorative Art at the 'Thousand Buddhas'  
  Chapter LXXI - At An-hsi, the 'West-Protecting'  
  Chapter LXXII - The Ruins of Ch'iao-tzu  
  Chapter LXXIII - The 'Valley of the Myriad Buddhas'  
  Chapter LXXIV - In the Mountains of the Westernmost Nan-shan  
  Chapter LXXV - By the Gate of the 'Great Wall'  
  Chapter LXXVI - At Su-chou and the 'Spring of Wine'  
  Chapter LXXVII - Through the Richthofen Range of the Nan-shan  
  Chapter LXXVIII - Across the To-lai-shan Range  
  Chapter LXXIX - From the Su-lo Ho Sources to Kan-chou  
  Chapter LXXX - FRom Kan-chou to the T'ine-shan  
  Chapter LXXXI - At the Hami Oasis  
  Chapter LXXXII - Glimpses of Turfan Ruins  
  Chapter LXXXIII - Kara-shahr and its Old Sites  
  Chapter LXXXIV - From Khora to Kuchar  
  Chapter LXXXV - In the 'Sea of Sand'  
  Chapter LXXXVI - In an Dead Delta  
  Chapter LXXXVII - Salt Marsh or Ice?  
  Chapter LXXXVIII - By the New Keriya River-bed  
  Chapter LXXXIX - MoreTaklamakan Ruins  
  Chapter XC - From Ak-su to Yarkand  
  Chapter XCI - Preparations at Khotan  
  Chapter XCII - In the Gorges of Polur and Zailik  
  Chapter XCIII - To the Yurung-kash Glacier Sources  
  Chapter XCIV - Across the Tibetan Plaeaus  
  Chapter XCV - On an Old Mountain Track  
  Chapter XCVI - The Search for the Yangi Dawan  
  Chapter XCVII - From the Kun-lun to London  

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