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Edward F. Stuart


Subtitle: Comparing Economic Systems, The Great Courses, Chantilly, VA., 2018, 540 pgs., bibliography, illustrations.


Reviewer comments: This is an excellent general overview of the two economic systems today. It comprises 24 lectures with the transcript in 24 chapters.


Chapter 1 - Gorbachev's Hello and the Soviet Goodby


Chapter 2 - Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Keynes, and Friedman


Chapter 3 - How to Argue GDP, Inflation, and Other Data


Chapter 4 -British Revolution: Industry and Labor


Chapter 5 - Ameerican Capitalism: Hamillton and Jefferson


Chapter 6 - Utopian Socialism to Amana Microwave Ovens


Chapter 7 - The Bolsheviks: Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin


Chapter 8 - Soveit Planning and 1,000 Left-Foot Shoes


Chapter 9 -Economic Consequences of European Peace


Chapter 10 - How FDR and Keynes Tried to Save Capitalism


Chapter 11 - Social Democray in Europe


Chapter 12 - Sweden's Mixed Economy Model


Chapter 13 - French Indicative Planning and Jean Monnet


Chapter 14 -British Labour Party and National Health


Chapter 15 - Social Welfare in Germany: Bismarck and Kohl


Chapter 16 - Soviet Bloc: Conformity and Resistance


Chapter 17 - Two Germanies: A Laboratory in Economics


Chapter 18 - The Soviet Union's Fatal Failure to Reform


Chapter 19 - "Blinkered and Bankrupt" in Eastern Europe


Chapter 20 - From Chairman Mao to the Caapitalist Roaders


Chapter 21 - After Deng, China Privatizes and Globalizes


Chapter 22 -Asian Tigers: Wealth and State Control


Chapter 23 - European Union: Success or Failure?


Chapter 24 - Both Sides now: Experimet in Slovenia


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