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At this page we are collecting illustrations and text about the Russian Army during the reign of Peter I. And in some cases the uniforms remained in vogue through the reigns of his successors, Catherine I and Anna Ivanovna up to 1730. These pictures were photographed from the multi-volume series by Viskovatov and then scanned. Please send comments and corrections to Xenophon Group

Guards Regiments

Life Guard Preobrazhenski Regiment

Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Staff Officer, Senior Officer, 1700-32, shown at St. Petersburg
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Senior Officer, 1700-32, shown outside Peter's house in St. Petersburg.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Drummer, 1700-20.
Life Guard Preobrashenski, Pikeman, 1700-20.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Grenadier, throwing grenade, 1700-32.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Sergeant and Fusilier, 1720-32.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Fusilier, 1700-20.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Kaptenarmus, Kapral, Sergeant, and Fusilier, 1720-32.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Fusilier, 1700-20, shown at siege of Narva in 1704.
Life Guard Preobrazhenski, Privates, 1700-20, one in undress uniform.
Senior and staff oficers in Life Guards Preobrazhenski Regiment circa 1700 - 1732 officers

Life Guard Semenovski Regiment

Life Guard Semenovski, Officer, 1700-20, shown with Narva and Ivangorod in background.
Life Guard Semenovski, Fusilier, 1700-20.
Life Guard Semenovski, Fusilier, 1720-33
Guard Regiment, Senior Officer, 1720-32. shown in front of the wall of the building built in 1724 for the marriage ceremony of Anna Petrovna to Duke Karl Frederick of Holstein.

Cavalry Guard Regiment

Cavalry Guard, Officer, 1724

Line Regiments

Dragoon Regiment

Dragoon Regiment, Officer, 1700-20, shown at Yamburg fortress.
Dragoon Regiment, Fusilier, mounted, 1700-20.
Fusiler - Dragoon Garison regiment circa 1720-1732

Army Infantry Regiments

Infantry Regiment, Fusilier, 1700- 1720
Infantry Regiment, Fusilier 1720
Infantry Regiment, Sergeant, at Marienburg
Infantry Regiment, Officer, at St. Petersburg
Infantry and Cavalry Kartuz - headgear
Guard Grenadier helmet1705-1732
Guard Grenadier Officer Shapka, detail, 1705-32.
Grenadier, throwning grenade.Grenadier.

Artillery Regiment

Atillery Regiment, Officer, bombardier, and fusilier. 1712-20 at the Kremlin Arsenal.


Zaporozhie Cossack with horse - 18th centuryCossack
Malorussian Cossack -A podpomoshchnik with musket wearing kaftanCossack
Malorussski (little Russian) Cossack trooper at start of 18th century either recruited or volunteer Cossack
Malorussian (little Russian) Cossack colonel - early 18th century Cossack
Malorussian Cossack wearing kaftan - a 'sotnik' that is commander of a 100 unit - beginning 18th century Cossack
Ukrainian landmilitia

Grenadier, Pikenier, Dragoon, belts and ammunition pouches.
Senior and staff officer Partizans circa 1700 - 1732
Officer gorgets, staff and senior officer sashes, circa 1700 - 1732
Russian costume in 14th to 18th centuries - ferez and shapka ( coat and cap)
Russian costume in 14th to 18th centuries - kaftan and shapka (long coat and cap)
Russian costume 14th to 18th centuries - Azyam Sermyaga and shapka - (a kind of coat and cap)
Officers and lower ranks slyapa (tricorne hat) 1700 - 1732
Various fusils from 1701 - 1710 - 1717 and 1723 with bayonets
Short sword, sword belt and scabard from 1700 - 1732
Infantry cartridge boxes - a, fusiler - b, grenadier - from 1700 - to 1732
Halberds for sergants, kaptenarmus and fur'yers - from 1700 to 1732
Pike for pikemen and dragoon pistols from 1700 to 1732

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