Tsekhgaus 12

The Cover is Igor Dzis' depiction of a Novgorodian mounted sotnik from 1363-1386 taken from a fresco in the Cathederal of the Uspeniya Bogoroditsi (Assumption of the Virgin Mother) in Volotov field near Novgorod. There are 5 more such gorgeous illustrations in the article.

Table of Contents

Novgorodian warriors during the period of the Kulikovo battle, 1380
Author - Aleksandr Shcherbakov
Illustrations - Igor Dzis'

Military "old times" - documents and illustrations

Uniforms of the Road and water communications office
Author - L. Shyepelev
Illustrations - Igor Dzis' and Sergei Popov

Captured Cuirasses of the Pskov Dragoon Regiment (part 3)
Author - Aleksandr Kibovskii

Baranovski's rapid fire artillery piece
Author - Aron Sheps

Evolution of epaulets of the Phanagoria Grenadier Regiment
Author - Aleksandr Polevoi

Medals for military excellence of the Tuva People's Republic
Authors - Valerii Durov, Yurii Fatiyanov

Organs of State Security and preservation of order on Railroad and water transport 1947-1953.
Author - Valentin Voronov

Zhukov Uniform reform in 1957
Author - Aleksei Stepanov

New Medals of the Russian Ministry of Defense
Author - Oleg Kuznetsov

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