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Cover illustration is a fieldfebel 3rd rank of the Aleksandrovski military school in parade uniform in 1885. Artist is Andrei Karashchuk

Table of Contents

Colors of the Russian new model army in the 17th century
Author - Aleksandr Malov
Seven Illustrations

Early badges of the Order of St Ann in the 18th century
Authors - Valerii Durov and Yu. Mishedchenko
Three illustrations

Military Old Times
Documents on Cossacks and cavalry
Two illustrations

Continuation of Orlovski drawings showing examples of Russian dragoons, 1808-10
Author - A. Val'kovich
Thirteen illustrations

Uniforms of the land surveyors and topographers of the Ministry of State property - 1838-55
Author - Sergei Popov
Three illustrations

Critical notes on a 'historical' movie
A. Kibovskii

Czechoslovak troops in Rujssia in WWI
Authors - Boris Tatarov and Bernard Panush
Fifteen illustrations

Shoulder boards of generals of the army, 1943-91
Author - Aleksei Stepanov
Two illustrations - table showing names, units, and dates for all generals

Badges and Insignia of the Federal Service of the Special construction troops of the Russian Federation
Author - Aleksandr Khrustalev
Seven Illustrations


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