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The cover illustration is of a praporshchik in the independent company of capitan Jacob Farbes, 1630. by Oleg Fedorov

Table of Contents

Warriors shown on medieval Russian seal rings
Author - Sergei Nelubov
Twenty-one illustrations

Colors of the Russian new model army of the 17th century
Author - Aleksandr Malov
Five illustrations plus the cover

Naval infantry 1788-1798
Author - Oleg Leonov
Eight illustrations

Military old times
Documents about cavalry life and about the Pavlov grenadier regiment miter cap
Five illustrations

Uniforms of the Department of water communications, 1806 and Corps of land surveyors, 1808-55
Nine illustrations

More on the portraits in the Hero's gallery in the Winter Palace
Four illustrations

Secret Order for parade uniforms of the Red Army in 1941
Author - Kiriil Tsiplenkov
Twenty Illustrations

Badges of the Railway troops of the Russian Federation
Authors - Aleksei Stepanov and Aleeksandr Khrustalev
Seven Illustrations


Xenophon Group is pleased that we are again able to offer this outstanding Russian military journal to the English speaking audience. We have just received the first copy of this issue and would like to know how many more to order. If we get enough requests we can translate it also. Please email to Xenophon if you are interested in receiving this fine journal. Price is $7.00 plus postage.


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