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The cover shows a Grenadier shapka of an officer of the life Guards Pavlovski Regiment at end of 19th beginning of 20th century. This was the only regiment to retain the shapka, in honor of its heroism at Borodino in 1812

Table of Contents

Kulikova Battle 1380 - M. Gorelik
Muscovite Strel'tsi - R Palasios-Fernandez
The First Uniforms of Russian Generals and Admirals 1745-64 - A. Letin
Army Hussars 1812-1816 - A. Val'kovich
Uniforms of Aviation Units of Russian Army 1914-17 - A. Karashchuk
South Region - "Colored Units" of Russian Civil war 1918-20 - A Deryabin
GPU-OGPU 1922-1934 - V. Kulikov
Berets in the Soviet Armed Forces - A. Stepanov
18th Pomorski Lancer Regiment (Polish) in Battle on 1 Spet 1939 - A. Vasil'yev


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