The Cover is Igor Dzis' depiction of a staff trumpeter of the Hussar Regiment Her Imperial Highness Grand Princess Ol'ga Nikolayevna in 1845-55. There are 7 more such gorgeous illustrations and two maps in the article.

Table of Contents

Muscovite Tsar's "Select" regular regiments of 16th century
Author - Aleksandr Malov
Illustrations - Oleg Fedorov

Military old times - Illustrated incidents in life in Cavalry barracks during reign of Tsar Paul I
Two original illustrations from color lithographs

Corps of mining engineers in 18th century
Author - Leonid Shepelev
Illustrations - Igor Dzis' and Sergei Popov

1812 Hero's gallery in the Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace)
Author - Aleksandr Kibovskii

Elizabethgrad Hussar Regiment in the Hungarian Campaign of 1849
Author - Aleksandr Voronov
Illustrations - Igor Dzis'

Captured Cuirasses of the Pskov Dragoons (part 4)
Author - Aleksandr Kibovskii
Original lithograph illustrations and painting by Igor Dzis'

Russian mountain artillery piece in World War I
Author - Aron Sheps

Red "Kaleidoskop in Civil War
Author - Aleksei Stepanov

"St George Cross" on Soviet Uniforms - Biographical note on General-colonel K. P. Trubnikov
Author - Aleksei Proshlyakov

Hat Emblems of the Naval Forces of the Russian Federation
Author - Aleksei Stepanov

Xenophon Group is pleased that we are again able to offer this outstanding Russian military journal to the English speaking audience with a translation by Mark Conrad. Supplies are limited and the availability of more copies from Russia is never assured. Issue 14 has been ordered and should be here and translated by December. Price of issue 13 is $7.00 and the translation (on 3.5 disk) is $2.00.

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