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Charles Breunig


W. W. Norton Co, NYC, 1977, 304 pgs., index, readings, map, illustration, paperback


Reviewer comment This book complements Crane Brinton's A Decade of Revolution and Geoffrey Bruun's Europe and the French Imperium and carries the narrative and analysis through the first half of the19th century. The chapter titles show the content. Chapter 4 is the main one on economic developments afte the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. Italso includes the early phases of what Dr. McCloskey terms the 'treason' of the intellectuals. On the Industrial Revolution it follows Paul Maneoux's extensive study of the early phases in his The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century.


Chapter 1 - The French Revolution and Its Impact on Europe


Chapter 2 - Napoleon


Chapter 3 - The Concert of Europe, 1815 - 1848


Chapter 4 - The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on European Society
Population Growth;
Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain;
The Social Imapct of the Industrial Revolution;
The Condition of the Working Classs;
Expansion of the Middle Classs;
Economic Liberalism;
The Emergence of Socialism


Chapter 5 - Restoration and Romanticism


Chapter 6 - The Transformation of the European States during the Restoration Era


Chapter 7 - The Revolutions of 1848


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