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Geoffrey Bruun


Harper Torchbook, NYC., 1938, 280 pgs., index, notes, bibliography, map, illustrations, paperback


Reviewer comment This book is a good complementary study to Crane Briton's A Decade of Revolution - it includes more on the economic activites in Europe during that period and has a wider focus on events in Europe as a whole.
The chapter titles show the content, chapter 5 is the centerpiece for the economic aspects of the war.


Chapter 1 - Prelude to Caesarism


Chapter 2 - France and the Consulate: The Restoration of Order and Authority (1799 - 1804)


Chapter 3 - Europe and the Revolution: Compromise (1799 - 1804)


Chapter 4 - Imperial France: The Revolution Disciplined


Chapter 5 - The Economic Conflict: France and Great Britain
I French Colonial Aspirations:
II British Maritime Strength:
III The Battle for Markets:
IV The Continental System:
V British Financial Stability:
VI The Results of the Revolutionary Wars for the World outside Europe


Chapter 6 - The Failuire to Check the Expansion of French Influence in Europe


Chapter 7 - European Society Under the Inernational Empire


Chapter 8 - The Spread of Nationalist Revolts Against the French Domination (1808 -1812)


Chapter 9 - Europe Casts Off the French Hegemony


Chapter 10 - European Thought and Culture in he Napoleonic Era


Chapter 11 - The Revolutionary Testament


Bibliographic Essay


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