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Crane Brinton


Harper Torchbook, NYC., 1963, 331 pgs., index, notes, bibliography, illustrations, map, paperback


Reviewer comment
This is a classic study of the French Revolution. The author also wrote the classic comparisons of revolutions including this French example. But these is not much content devoted to economic affairs. The chapter titles provide a good outline of the subject matter. For this refer to Geoffrey Bruun's Europe and the French Imperium.


Chapter 1 - The Monarchial Experiment: The Setting


Chapter 2 - The Monarchial Experiment


Chapter 3 - Europe and the Revolution: Peace


Chapter 4 - The Republican Experiment


Chapter 5 - The Revolutionary Government


Chapter 6 - The Republic of Virtue


Chapter 7 - Europe and the Revolution: War


Chapter 8 - TheThermidoreans


Chapter 9 - The Directory


Chapter 10 - The Arts and Sciences in Revolutinary France


Chapter 11 - Conclusion


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