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He was born in the first half of the 13th cent as the third son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodvich, grand prince of Vladimir, and Yaroslav's second wife, Rostislava -Feodosiya Mstislavna, princess of Novgorod. He married around 1250 with the daughter (possibly Yustin'ya) of Daniil Romanovvich, king of Galicia. The family prior to Andrei is shown on this chart. His sons were Yuri, Vasilii and Mikhail, prince of Suzdal. He is shown with his descendents on this chart. He was appanage prince of Suzdal (? 1248, 1257-1264) and grand prince of Vladimir (1249-1252). He died in 1264.
He supported his brother, Aleksandr Nevski, against the Teutonic knights at Lake Chud in 1242. He went with his brother to Sarai and was given the yarlik for Vladimir in 1242 while Aleksandr was given the yarlik for Kyiv, which he didn't want and didn't visit.. In 1252 Aleksandr defeated him, whereupon he fled to Sweden. He was ruling in Gorodets when Aleksandr died there enroute back from Sarai.
1249 - Andrei assumes title of Grand Prince of Vladimir on death of Svyatoslav.
1251 - He refuses to go to Sarai to receive yarlik from Khan Batu whereupon Tatars devastate Vladimir and in 1252 Andrei flees to Novgorod and then Sweden .
1256 - Andrei returns from Sweden and receives appanages at Gorodets and Nizhni Novgorod.
1258-9 - He accompanies Aleksandr Nevski to Novgorod to insist that the people not resist the Tatar census and tax.
1259 - He receives appanage for Suzdal also.
1263 - He is ruling at Gorodetz when his brother, Aleksandr Nevski dies there en route back from Sarai. He died the following year.


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