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He was a son of Roman Mstislavich, appanage prince of Galich and his first wife, Predslava Rurikovna, princess of Kyiv. He became appanage prince of Galich about 1211 to 1212 and appanage prince of Volinya about 1221, and appanage prince of Galich-Volinya in 1238 and finally King of Galich about 1254. He married first about 1218-19 with Anna, daughter of Mstislav Mstislavich Udaloi, prince of Novgorod; and second about 1248 with a sister of Tovtivil, prince of Lithuania. Anna's mother was the daughter of Kypchak (Polovtsi) Khan Kotyan. Daniil's sons from the first marriage were Roman, prince of Novgorod in Volinya; Lev, king of Galich; Mstislav, appanage prince of Lutsk; Shvarn (Svarno), king of Galich; and Iraklii, crown prince of Galich. His daughters were Sofia, Pereyaslava and probably Ustina. They are shown in this family chart.
Daniil was left as a young boy at the death of his restless warior father, Roman, in battle in 1205. The territory that Roman had worked so diligently to assemble quickly fell into discord amongst the local boyar magnates, and was partially occupied and split up by Hungarians and Poles. But his mother struggled on. Around 1228 Daniil was in control of Volynia and began to regain Galicia. He sought help from western states and even the Pope in resisting the Tatars, but was denied aid. Daniil waged war on Lithuania and forced Prince Mindovg to conclude a treaty, His son, Roman, was made Prince of Chernaya Rus' in 1254 when Voishelk handed over the cities of Novgorodko, Volkovisk and Slonim. At his own city of Khom he gave refuge to all who fled the Tatars including Germans, Russians and foreign craftsmen and skilled workers. He pursued trade with western Europe and his effort for joint resistance to the Tatars resulted in Pope Innocent IV bestowing to him the crown of King. His son, Lev, stepped aside and the princedom went to his uncle, Vasil'ko Romanovich, who reigned from 1264 to 1269. Lev Romanovich followed his uncle as king and moved the capital to Lvov. He died in 1301 and eventually a cousin of Lev's grand children proclaimed himself, Yuri II "Rex totius Russiae Minoris," King of all Russia minor, which caused a war between Poland and Lithuania.


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