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William Rosen


Sub-Title: Climate Change and The Great Famine of the 14th Century - Viking, N.Y., 2014, 302 pgs., index, bibliography, notes, maps


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Chapter One - "The Fury of the Northmen"


Chapter Two - "Henceforth Be Earls"


Chapter Three - "Penalty for Their Betters'


Chapter Four - "Douglas's Larder'


Chapter Five - 'Scots, Wha Hae'


Chapter Six - 'The Floodgates of Heaven'


Chapter Seven - 'A Dearness of Wheat'


Chapter Eight - 'She-Wolf of France'


Chapter Nine - 'The Dearest Beef I'v Ever Seen'


Chapter Ten - 'The Mouse Tower of Bingen'


Chapter Eleven - 'Long Years of Havoc'


Epilogue - The Delicate Balance


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