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Norman Rich


W. W. Norton, NY., 1977, 270 pgs., index, readings, maps, illustrations, paperback


Reviewer comment
There is much more information on economic aspects of Europe during this period than is in Carlton Hayes' book, A Generation of Materialism. Chapter one includes agriculture, transportation , communication, and manufacturing. It also includes description of the social, demographic results. Chapter two includes discussion of the intellectual changes that Dr. McCloskey cites in the changing opinion of the intelectural to the bourgeoise. Chapters three and five describe the transformation of European powers from' state-nations' to 'nation-states' as a major change considered by Dr. Philip Bobbitt in Sheild of Achilles.


Chapter 1 - The Economic And Social Transformation


Chapter 2 - The Intellectual and Cultural Climae


Chapter 3 - The Growing powers of the State


Chapter 4 - The Disruption of the Concert of Europe


Chapter 5 - The National Revolutions


Chapter 6 - The Course of Reform: Great Britain and Russia


Chapter 7 - The New Governments 1870 - 1890


Chapter 8 - The Search for a New International Stability, 1871 - 1890


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