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Frederick B. Artz


Harper Torchbook, NYC., 1934, 328 pgs., index. notes, bibliography, illustrations, map, paperback


Reviewer comment
Dr. Artz describes the changes that took place in the social - political standing of the bourgeoise after the Napoleonic Wars. In this period the 'Industrial Revolution' gained great momentum building of economic development in the 1750 -1800 era. It had great significance in the status of the former peasant and new indusrial factory worker. This is the follow-on book to Geoffrey Bruun's Europe and the French Imperium 1799 - 1814. The chaper titles show the content.


Chapter 1 - European Society After the Napoleonic Wars: The Throne and the Altar


Chapter 2 - European Society After the Napoleonic Wars: The Middle Class and the Peasants

1 The Upper Bourgeoisie and Industrial Change:

II The Lower Middle Class and the Rise of an Industrial Proletariat:

III The Peasants;

IV Conclusion


Chapter 3 - The Search for a Principle of Authority


Chapter 4 - The Creeds of Liberalism

I. The Principle of Utility;

II Laissez-faire Economics and the Bourgeois State;

III Constitutionalism;

IV Anti-clericalism and State Education;

V Aspirations for National Unity and Freedom


Chapter 5 - The First Years of Peace, 1815 - 1823


Chapter 6 - The Crisis of 1820


Chapter 7 - The Rise of a New Generation


Chapter 8 - The Disintegration of the Restoration, 1820 - 1830


Chapter 9 - The Revolutionary Movements of 1830


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