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Web site addresses for Europe and the Near East from ca 400 AD to 1500 AD. You can use this as a handy reference page to reach ORB and other sites. These are some of the more useful locations for information on medieval history. Although we have some of the most important sites, ORB, Labrynth, Byzantine Studies, Medieval Source Book, and Castles on the Web, we obviously need many more. Last changed on 5 December 1997. Please send comments and corrections to Xenophon


Created by Caroline Schriber at Rhodes College, this has to be one of the first places to look for information on medieval history. It is not only an outstanding central location with many links, but also the main page for an organization seeking to expand medieval studies and research sources.
Horus Links
At UC Riverside, this is a listing of web sites related to medieval history.

For a listing of academic discussion groups.
To join a discussion group on reenactment of medieval life send email to "listserver@novarltd.demon.co.uk" with no subject line and the text "subscribe histrenact - firstname last name."
Military History
for many links relating to medieval military history .


A World Wide Web Server for Medieval Studies: Sponsored by Georgetown University. The premier source for general references to the entire middle ages, with sub-pages by topical and national categories.

About the World Wide Web (CERN Home Page)


University of Kansas: Index of Medieval Studies Bibliographies

Subject bibliographies

Celtic Bibliography,
Dorothy Bray
15th Century Bibliography:
Primary Sources, Sharon D. Michalove.
Medieval Dragons and Dragonlore, Joyce Lionarons

Bibliography databases

The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, published by The Modern Humanities Research Association.
Robbins Library Bibliographies at the University of Rochester

Original sources

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
by Paul Halsall. This is also accessed via ORB. It is a growing list of full documents. One of the must see collections on the web. This is a model of kind for the presentation of important original texts and documents for use in courses.

Medieval Maps

Map images
The Siebold collection contains 120 medieval, 246 late medieval, and 290 Renaissance maps as well as documents discussing cartography of that period.
British Library Maps

Large Maps
At Pittsburg Univ.
Harvard maps
of the Hundred Year's War.

Other General Medieval

Academic WWW Medieval Resources
Manuscripts, texts & articles relating to the Middle Ages

Tingler list
An extremely comprehensive listing organized by general topic area. This one site alone probably has links to practically everything needed for the study of medieval history.
Ancient and medieval Church Timeline and Links.
Lucien Reynhout's web page for medieval Latin and other manuscripts.
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Studies The program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Medieval and Renaissance Food
with cook books, recipes, menus and related information.
Medieval history
from Iowa.
Medieval history
from Stephane POUYLLAU.
Medieval Home Pages
Medieval Home Pages Directory Steven J. Killings' Home Page Libellum Mundi: A Short Guide to Medieval Resources on the World Wide Web... The Medieval Institute's Home Page.
Medieval History
Medieval History Book of Kells Trinity College, Dublin - 7 images University of British Columbia University of Indiana - 5 images University of New Brunswick Cassiodorus The Council of Remiremont - a twelfth century mock church council.
Related Readings: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Ambrosiana Archive, University of Notre Dame The Atrium: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Bryn Mawr Medieval Review The Canterbury Tales Project "Council of Remiremont"--hypertext of a 12th-century Latin poem
Medieval Images
Medieval Images Directory Dscriptorium A collection of Medieval Manuscript Images... Piers Plowman Facsimiles Facsimiles of selected Piers Plowman manuscripts... The Hill Monastic Manuscript Library.
Medieval History resources
at Univ. Sheffield, UK.


Vikings home page
Information on Viking history and museum exhibits. There are an amazing number of links to other Viking pages.
Anglo-Saxon and Viking topics

The World of the Vikings
at Vassar/
The World of the Vikings
Useful information about the Vikings.
Viking Culture and Norse Civilisation
The World of Vikings Project.
Varangian Guard
The site for those interested in this famous Byzantine army unit recruited from Scandinavians.
Ecole Initiative
The Ecole Initiative (The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia Initiative) is currently seeking articles on Church history from the origins of Christianity to the Reformation. If you think you might be interested in assisting in this attempt to create a hypertext encyclopedia on the internet, please visit the Ecole homepage. It is another outstanding model of what is being created.
Amiens Cathedral
Medieval history and architecture created by a special project at Columbia University. A spectacular collection of photos and computer generated graphics display not only the cathedral as it appears today, but also how it looked during construction. The project seeks to show the relationship between theology, geometry and architecture. Everything here has a place and everything is in its proper place. Stunning effort!
Online Reference book for Medieval Studies

The SCA Library
It has historical material on a wide variety of every-day topics such as archery, food, drink, music and poetry.
Teaching through Living History
(on how to hold a demonstration)
Modern Aviso
A journal for the period 1560-1705 especially catering to reenactments with historical accuracy.
Pre-1620 Historical and Literary Texts

Medieval Information
on various topics from ordinary life such as entertainment, books, history, cooking, botany, and heraldry.
concerned with the Middle Ages including the Dark Ages, games, famous women, religion, and timelines.
Medieval and Renaissance Weddings Information

The History of Costumes with illustratons. Costuming A useful text article.
Gale's Costuming Page


Lacemaker's Home Page


Costuming FAQ
from newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.
Glass bead-making FAQ
from newsgroup rec.crafts.beads.
Metalworking FAQ
from newsgroup rec.crafts.metalworking
Medieval and Renaissance Games
Exhibition about the Vatican

Slavic region
Slavic and Eastern European region during the middle ages.
Middle Eastern topics

Mongolian Topics


The Gilded Pearl
on the 15th to 17th centuries.
from the age of Charles V (1338-1380)

Bodleian Library
(Oxford University)
History Computerization Project

Medieval Science Homepage

The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia

Knights Hospitaller
(ancient and modern)
Victoria and Albert Museum
in London contains artifacts from all historical periods.
Celtic history
Celtic History has links to other Celtic pages.

Byzantine history

Byzantine Studies.
Another major effort by Paul Halsall. When does the fellow have time for his PhD studies?
Dumbarton Oaks
This site features books on Byzantine studies at this research center.

Arthurian Studies

Arthurian Resources on the Internet

Ki ng Arthur
A new WWW page dedicated to Arthurian studies, produced by Alan Lupack of the University of Rochester, and the staff of the Robbins library there.

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

Kings of England
This will give you the Kings of England in chronological order. Magna Carta - Text
National Trust
The Unofficial National Trust page contains information, pictures and location maps for National Trust properties in England.
The Journal of Chivalry. The Knighthood, Tournaments and Chivalry library is intended to foster discussions relating to these topics in both a historical and re-enactors context, using a mixture of philosophical questions, essays, articles, translations and reviews to foster a continuing dialog on history and ethics.
Richard III Society
This is the home page for the society. It contains links to information about the society and its varied activities.
Text and illustrations from the reenactment of this battle in 1995.
The Bayeux Tapestry
Visit this splendid visual source.
Secrets of the Norman Invasion
Includes the Domesday Survey
Asgard Medieval Vacation Farm
As in the halls of mythical Asgard , ASGARD MEDIEVAL VACATION FARM offers many venues to "experience the past." Open in May, 1996, Asgard Medieval Vacation Farm is a place to come and play; to learn about the Middle Ages , to get back to nature, animals.
Mary Rose
Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum: On July 9th, 1545, the four-masted warship Mary Rose slipped her moorings and made for sea to engage the French fleet in the English Channel. With King Henry VIII, Catherine his wife, and most of the English court watching, the Mary Rose sank in the Solent due to a freak sailing accident, taking from 400 to as many as 700 officers and men to their deaths. Now, almost 450 years to the date, the Mary Rose sails again, this time on the Internet. The "Virtual Museum" combines text and color images assembled by the Trust's staff of archaeologists and preservationists. Internet "visitors" can learn all about the history of this rare Tudor-period warship, the oldest of its type ever recovered, including the successful efforts to raise the remains of her hull in the 1980's. That hull and over a thousand artifacts are now on display at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, along with other treasures of British naval history, including HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship. This is another model of its kind.
Old English words

Academic Study of Old English

Regia Anglorum reenactment of early medieval life.
Medieval Welsh Documents
mostly in Welsh.


Heraldry in Germany

Medieval Archery Research Project

De Klauwaerts
The site for medieval reenactment in Flanders prepared by Walter Van Opstal has much interesting material on medieval history.
early medieval reenactment group
Recreating history
reenactment group


Medieval Paris
The history of Paris during the reign of Philip-Augustus (1180-1123), the wall he built around the capital, the architecture, trade, education, various other subjects of the life of Parisians at that time.
Le Poulet Gauche
on 16th century France.
Medieval Book of Hours of Le Duc de Berry
Illustrated calendar section.


As with any topic one wants to research on the Web, castles poses a problem of definition for the search engine. If one uses keywords "castle and history" with Excite, for instance, the engine returns 1,743,343 hits, many of the top ones are for specific castles. With this in mind, if you know what castle in particular you want, use the name immediately. For instance, Kenilworth Castle returns 105 hits and even Deal Castle gets 10 sites. If you want information on castles in a particular country, then use that in the keywords. The following addresses have been found of some interest.
This is created by Robert Palmer and concerns England and Wales. There are many nice photos of the selected castles.
Highland Park
A fine collection of photos and information on castles in Great Britain prepared by students at this Texas school. One can also jump back to their efforts on medieval cathedrals and weapons and armor.
Camelot castles
A large selection of castles in Britain arranged by region.
Early Fortifications
A part of a variety of items prepared by Lief and Maria Bennett. There are castles in England and Wales, medieval arms and armor in museums, modern armor, a link to the Catapult museum and other places.
George Welling's favorite castles with fine illustrations.
Castles of the World
Has much information on many castles including: Europe; Schloss Ambras, Anif, An Austrian Castle, Bratislava, Budapest Parliament, Devin, Hluboka N. Vltavou, Karlstejn, Konopiste, Cesky Krumlov, Powder Tower, Prague Castle, Hohensalzburg, Spielbergh Hrad. Japan: Himeji. I was not able to access the last time I tried. Anyone having information on new address, please email me.
Castles on the Web: This is truly a 'labor of love'. All you could want to know about castles including an extensive question and answer service. The volume of material here is expanding rapidly, but already includes photos and text descriptions, a glossary of castle terms, and much more. This is the first place to go for information on castles.
Norman Castles
Wayne Real's Discussion of Norman Castles.
British Medieval Castle from Encyclopedia Britannia.
Torrione Castle:
head-office of the Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation and its Center for Humanities, is an unusual example of a northern Italian private fortress surviving from the Middle Ages with a dungeon built before 1147.
For an extensive history of this medieval fortress city once in Poland and now in Ukraine with photos of the castle and city fortifications. This also has discussion of current archeological projects being conducted there.
Levantine Castles
An FTP site for information on these castles.Russian castles and medieval fortifications. Go to Top.