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The Church of the Twelve Apostles (# 23) was built in the 14th-15th century. It is located below the fortress wall near the Astagver Tower. It is rectangular in plan. The walls are made of limestone and sandstone blocks with lime mortar. The apse has on the outside 5 borders with facings of well worked out stone designs. It is decorated with 3 carved rosettes. The interior was covered with frescos. Outside was a half circle of free standing banded arches of which only 5 arches remain. To the left in the background is the corner tower of the main city defensive wall and above it on its right is the edge of the upper crest along which the inner defensive wall used to connect to this corner tower. In this telephoto view the distance between the church and tower appears forshortened. The road to the port ran through the gap between them.


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