aerial view  

Here we have enlarged the central section of photo 5 to bring out more detail of the oldest part of Kam'yanetz. Starting at the lower left corner, we see a long remaining section of the main fortress wall. We see a short secton of the road that enters the town at that point. This road starts at the right side of the picture where we see the tower of the Polish river gate jsut above the edge of the shadow. Just above the wall on the left side is the blue church of St Peter.Walking along the street from that church toward the right we come to the very tall tower of the medieval city hall. To its right is the minaret of the Church of Sts Peter and Paul with the golden statue of the Virgin Mary on top. Behind the city hall are three towers, the yellow one on the left is an Armenian chapel, the taller one in the middle is all that is left of a major Armenian church, and the right hand tower is of the Dominican monastery. To the right of the Church of St Peter and Paul there was a Franciscan monastery. A short distance in from the left center side of the photo we see sun shining on the top of one of the fortress towers that mark the line of the city walls above the river on that side.That wall passes clear across the picture, but out of sight below the top of the ridge, until it passes below and behind the Uniate church near the right center edge of the photo.


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