Aerial view from balloon  

This view of Kam'yanetz was taken by the balloon pilot, Yuri Beldyk, of Kyiv during a festival in May 2000. The balloon is over the Polish suburb and the camera is pointed east-southeast. The Smotrich river flows into the photo on the lower right side, coming initially from the north,but here we see it making it's bend almost due north again and then starting the full U turn off the left side of the photo. I then flows back south passing under the modern high-level bridge visible at the left side of the photo.In the upper right side the river makes two more bends to come back until it is separated from itself by the narrow causway between the city and the castle. The castle is not visible, off the right side of the photo. At the top of thee ridge line in the center of the photo we see the tallest tower in town. That is the medieval city hall. Just to the right front of it is the minaret attached to the Church of Peter and Paul with its golden statue of the Virgin Mary on top.To the right and far down the ridge is one of the medieval fortress towers. The road from the Polish gate over the river can be seen bending to the left and up to the gate that is just out of the photo's left edge. At that point a part of the medieval fortress wall is visible. To the right and behind the city hall is the Dominican monastery. Further to the rear and right are the towers of the two Armenian churches.At the right edge of the picture is the U shaped Armenian bastion that guarded the entrance to the city from the castle side. All these landmarks are shown in the photography taken in 1997.


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