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Andrew R. Wilson

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The Great Courses, Chantilly, Virginia, 2012, 484 pgs., bibliogaphy, illustrations, paperback. DVD

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Reviewer Comment: This is one of the excellent Great Courses series - 24 lectures on DVD and Inernet streaming plus this transcript. The author focuses on the thoughts on strategy of each of his selected authors. But he includes excellent summaries of the historical context in which they lived and wrote. And without over doing it he enables the reader to consider how and what, if any, their strategic concepts are still relevant to today's world.




Chapter 1 - Why Strategy Matters


Chapter 2 - Thucydides on Strategy


Chapter 3 - Thucydides as a Possession for All Time


Chapter 4 - Sun Tzu's The Art of War


Chapter 5 - SunTzu through Time


Capter 6 - Machiavelli's The Art of War


Chapter 7 Machiavelli's Discourses on Livy


Chapter 8 - The Napolenic Revolution in War


Chapter 9 - Baron Jomini as a Strategist


Chapter 10 - Clausewitz's On War


Chapter 11 - Jomini and Clausewitz through the Ages


Chapter 12 - From Sail to Steam - The Sea-Power Revolution


Chapter 13 - Alfred Thayer Mahan


Chapter 14 - Sir Julian Corbett


Chapter 15 - Mahan, Corbett, and the Pacific War


Chapter 16 - Air Power in Theory and Practice


Chapter 17 - From Rolling Thunder to Instant Thunder


Chapter 18 - Nuclear Strategy


Chapter 19 - Mao Tse-tung in Theory and Practice


Chapter 20 - Classics of Counterterrorism


Chapter 21 - Just-War Theory


Chapter 22 - Terrorism as Strategy


Chapter 23 - Strategies of Counterterrorism


Chapter 24 - From the Jaws of defeat - Strategic Adaptation









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