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He was the second son of Mstislav II Izyaslavich. His mother was Mstislav's wife, the daughter (probably Gudifia) of Boleslav III Krivoysta, King of Poland. His sons were Aleksandr, Vsyevolod prince of Bel'sk, and his daughter was Elyena. They are shown in this family chart.
Belz is a town near L'vov in Ukraine. It was first mentioned in the chronicle under 1030 when it was numbered in the Cherven towns and was taken back from Poland by Yaroslav the Wise. About 986 Vladimir I conquered the Cherven lands and united them under his rule. In 1016 Boleslaw Khrabri, allied with Svyatopolk I, took Belz and brought it into Polish control until his death. Then in 1030 Yaroslav I took them from Boleslaw's son, Meychislav. In 1054 as part of the first division of the Rus lands Belz together with Volin was taken by Igor Yaroslavich and for a long while was without its own prince, until in 1097 by decision of the family conference at Lubich it went to Vasil'ko Rostislavich. In the middle 12th century Belz was ruled by Vsyevolod Mstislavich, whose daughter, Yelena, was married to the Polish king Casimir Spravedlivishestva. On the death of Vsyevolod Mstislavich Belz was given to his son Alexandr who ruled it until 1207. After the death of Aleksandr's uncle, Roman Mstislavich in 1205, he took Volin and transfered his udel to Vasil'ko Romanovich until 1214. On the death of Aleksandr the Bel'zski principality went to his cousin, the Galich king Daniil Romanovich and entered the composition of the Galicia-Volinia lands. On the death of Daniil his rule passed to his son, Lev until 1301. Then it went under control of the Masovia prince Boleslav until 1340 and finally it fell to Lithuania andPoland. In 1482 Fedor Ivanovich Bel'ski fled from Lithuania andwent to Moscow where he began service t oIvan III. In 1543 his son, Semyon fearing execution fled to Lithuania and his brother Dmitrii was executed in 1541. In 1571 his last son, Ivan Dmitriyevich, died without heirs.


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