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VLADIMIR YAROSLAVICH (b. 1020- d.1052)


He was the second son of Yaroslav I Vladimirovich, Prince of Kyiv and Ingirgird Olafovna. His elder brother, Ilya, (Elias) died in 1020. He was sent by his father to be prince of Novgorod from 1034 or 36. He also held lands in Galicia from his father, Yaroslav Vladimirovich. His mother was Irina (Ingirerda) Olafovna, Swedish princess. Yaroslav died before his father. They are shown on this family chart. His sons were Rostislav, first prince of Novgorod, then prince of Tmutorokan and then prince of Peremyshl; and Yaropolk (??). Rostislav died in 1067 and his descendents continued in the Galicia - Volynia part of southwest Rus for four more generations. (See Rostislav Vladimirovich. The family is shown on this chart.
1042 AD - Vladimir attacked the Yam area northwest of Novgorod to extend the city's control area toward the coast.
1043 AD - Vladimir was sent by his father, Yaroslav, to lead a major Rus campaign by sea against Byzantium. The chronicles recount the disaster that ensued when the Rus fleet was destroyed in a storm and by "Greek Fire'. 6000 warriors managed to get ashore and march overland, but were captured at Varna. The same year he laid the foundation for the Church of St Sophia in Novgorod.
1052 AD - Vladimir was burried in St Sophia. His son, Rostislav, was appointed to succeed him.


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